Monday, November 12, 2012

Quilt for Aurora Colorado and another sewing lesson

The quilt that I mentioned in the last post is almost done. It will be finished tonight and then I can get it mailed. It feels good! Jean at organized a quilt drive for the families who lost people in the theater shooting and the survivors. (she still needs a few quilts done. hint, hint.) The family I am making this for lost their husband and father. He was in the navy and saved someone by throwing them down and lying on top of someone. His quilt is done in Nautical fabrics.
This is before I added borders. Here it is with the Nautical stripe borders.
Here is a close up of the focus fabric.
I still have been giving Taylor (neighbor girl) sewing lessons. Here she is with a zippered make up bag. This girl is a natural. She also LOVES to sew. She wants to make her mom some placemats for Christmas. It is fun to help someone so enthusiastic.
I saved the best for last....My kids bought me train tickets for Thanksgiving and Christmas...WooHoo.....I so was not looking forward to holidays alone. I am working frantically on Christmas gifts! xoxoxoxmelinda

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A hat and wand ...

Halloween was very quiet. I missed my grandkids, but I adopted the little girl upstairs, Taylor.
They moved upstairs about a month ago and I have started giving her sewing lessons. She took right to it, I have been impressed with her. While we were sewing, I asked her what she was going to be for Halloween. Her mom is a single mom of two and I know she has a pretty rough time. Taylor told me that she didnt have a costume cause' "her mom just didnt have the money.". I didnt say too much, but I felt bad. Lately my thing has been thrift stores and seeing what they have to "redo". I went a thrift store and found a Candy corn dress for fifty cents. It was ripped and torn but I knew I could make something cute based around it. First of all I made a hat from paper and a peltex brim. I covered it in fabric and then hot glued it together. I made a quilted candy corn and stole from a fall wreath that I had and glued fun stuff on it. I bought 3.oo worth of orange tulle and finished the hat. I used the same materials for a wand. I just started with a wooden stick.
Once she saw the hat she got all excited. I repaired the dress, took it in at the sides, added a tulle underskirt and sewed ribbon on the skirt layers. I had black leggings and boots and a big black pair of sunglasses that we took the lenses out of. Here she is, The Candy Corn Witch.
I think she looks just adorable. Apparently her school did too because she won second place for her costume....K thru 6th. The best part was seeing her so excited about going to school and being able to wear it. I also did a journal page. I am way behind in the monthly prompts but I still enjoyed doing it. The theme is " Be Mindful" , I turned it around because in the last year I have had people in my life who tell me that I say the wrong things so this was my version. Kinda like the bible verse that says how can you judge someone for a splinter in their eye when there is a log in yours. I love that verse by the way though I am not quoting it verbatim. I used black and white and lime greem. I like the colors together. They jump out at you in a nice way.
I talked in the last post about re-doing things...Here are a couple of cool things I have found. A bright yellow wicker and wood chair that became a plant holder in my kitchen and an old green house shutter that I clothespin things too and some colored bottles that the light shines thru. All were about 7.00. How do you beat that.
I also found a metal flower sculpture for a quarter...I painted it black and added old newsprint and red buttons to the middle of the flowers. It is not the best picture because it is way up on my kitchen wall...the ceilings are super high. I really like it, It is fun and different.
Last of all I redid the little table that the hat and wand are on. I got it for 4.00. It was white and some of the wicker had come apart. I rewound it and glued and then painted it a medium brown. It looks really cute and it makes a perfect coffee table. I have been working on a quilt for the family of a man who was shot in the Aurora Colorado theater shootings. It is nautical themed and really pretty. Jean from has organized a quilt drive for the families and victims who lived. At last count she needed more quilts so if you would, please check it out and if you can volunteer, please do! It is a good cause and I know it is appreciated. As soon as mine is done I will post pictures. Speaking of this project, I need to work on it now so till' next time, Happy Fall xoxoxoxoxmelinda