Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jammies and superman!

I had to laugh the other day because I was reading Aunt Pitty Pat's blog, and she was talking about salad in a jar and meals in a jar and she thought it was so cool. I had just make my sister some pajama's for her birthday when I spied a big old mason jar....Yeah, Jammies in a jar....it turned out so cute all decorated up...I really had to roll the flannel up tight, but it was worth the effort. So now you know one more thing that you can put in those jars.

I also mentioned in my last post that I made a bag for her too...This is a really different type of bag because it is made of vinyl....I made one a long time ago using Halloween atc's but I thought she would get a kick out of it. Especially since it is covered with pictures of their little family.

She is all excited about using it...I had to hot glue a lining that I made out of fabric in it. All I can say is my fingers think I have no right to get near a glue gun. It was as bad as my sanding with the dremmel.

My little nephew Jace had his third birthday. His room is a toy store already so I got him art supplies. I went over on Saturday and we colored and cut and glued for over an hour. He even made a scrapbook page in his pad of paper. Julie scrapbooks and he likes to be in the room with her so he thinks it is a great ides. Now the big boy can do it too. I also sewed up a quick Superman cape...He loves it. He likes to fly.....

It's a bird, it's a plane...it's Super Jace!

With nerves of steel he flies thru the air!

Ok, he is done now...

While we were playing Julie and my brother in law, Steve were making a cake for my other nephews first birthday. Steve really enjoys doing it. Julie is the assistant...Pretty funny to see the big tough air force guy making cakes. I am glad he has the outlet though after seeing so much war time.

Pretty good eh? Ok I am done talking now....night all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

spookiness and atc's

I have been feeling better about life in general this last month. Finally went to a dr and am getting my emotional life in order...Hormones be damned. I can tell I feel better because I want to make things again and it feels so darned good! In the last few weeks, I have made a quilted table runner to cover a bench in my entry way, a purse for my sister, Zombie dolls and a couple of atc's. Before I just felt to overwhelmed to even start anything.
So the zombie dolls were inspired by a swap that Val is having. I think I have participated in all three of her yearly Halloween swaps. I saw these clay dolls on the cover of Cloth, paper, scissors" and I thought, "well, shoot I can do that" So I did. Now they arent an exact copy because I am not that talented, but they sure were fun to make.

Please meet the groom and his zombie Bride. His name is Ernest and she is Matilda. Her veil is made out of an upside down wire cork holder from a bottle of champagne. I made her second and I got her head a lot smoother because I remembered I had a dremel with little sanding thingies. I sanded away and then went in the bathroom and I was covered in white dust. my eyebrows were a hoot....Ernest has a whirligig on his head and I really like that. So I am pleased and even though they took me about three days to make, I want to make more. I smiled the whole time.

The atc's were just kind of a practice thing...I havent made on in forever. One of the yahoo groups I am in is having a mega fabric atc swap so I thought I better get in practice again.

First of all there is Ernest...This one is called "Time stops for no man. (zombie)

He really looks too cute but he was having a good hair day and it is what it is.

The second one is a sunflower. I always grew them from seeds in my gardens. They look so happy and colorful. Then I move to Utah and find out they really are a weed here...Still pretty, but yes, a weed. So this one is called " I never knew it was a weed." Pretty creative huh? Sometimes I am the only one that thinks I am funny. But that is ok cause I am like that....you know, funny.

I will post pictures of the other things later...I have to work early am tomorrow so I need to put my funny self to bed.
I want to thank all of you who read my blog. It has been a rough and lonely time and you all have stuck by me and gave me support. It has been lonely for me in Utah and since I have been here, other than my sister and my friend Missy, another blogger here in Utah, you have been my only friends. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all...xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Monday, September 12, 2011

An adventure

Last week I went with my friend Lee to the Timpanogas caves here in Utah. I was all excited to see it. We rode his Harley up the canyon and because we were riding, I wore long pants and tennis shoes and socks. It was warm and sunny and I didn't even think about getting too hot. Now I knew it was a hike to the caves. They recommended taking an hour and a half to get to the top. HAH! I just knew I would just hike my little booty right up to the top. Easy peasy, right?

It was so beautiful, just like a postcard. We had bought a little booklet with things to look at on the way up. I got the idea to take a picture of the markers.

The first half I did good. Then I got a hot flash and the sun was beating on my head and this trail was all hugely uphill with switch backs...Then ok, no marker pictures. I was struggling to breathe!Lee pointed out the little tiny ant like people at the top. That was it, I was never going to make it. I felt like I was about to spontaneously combust.

Yes, this is a pathetic picture, I know, I know.

Then a grandma passed me huffing and puffing. Now I know I am a grandma too, but this was like a GREAT grandma....you know blue hair type grandma. Not that there is anything wrong with blue hair. Just in case you like, have it....Anywho I was beat, but not that beat. I took off my shoes and rolled up my pants as high as they could go and dumped my water bottle on my head and down my shirt. I was determined to walk up the beast. So I did. (muttering under my breath the whole way)

Please note the red face and the wet hair and shirt....But by gosh I was there. I am so glad I got up there cause' the caves were incredible. What natural beauty. I gotta show a couple of pictures, but they dont do it justice.

Pretty cool stuff this cave thing....Thank gosh for blue hair and great grandma's and here's to you whoever you are!