Thursday, July 31, 2008

Loss and grief....

The kids and I have lost an immediate family member, companion and friend, surrogate grandpa and our boat captain....We are devastated and while we attempt to pick up the pieces of our lives, I probably wont be blogging much....Please pray for our little family...Thanks to you all....Melinda

Monday, July 28, 2008

New apron finished...

and it isn't without it's mistakes which is why I made one before the swap. I cut it out while I was watching the "next food network star" show and I wasn't paying attention and I cut on the fold...So I rearranged the fabric and cut again and made another mistake so I pieced it all together with the ruffle fabric which is the red. I also had some trouble with the ties because of my cutting but I improvised...I love this fabric...It's by Michael Miller and the pattern is called "The Bon App'etit apron. How did I do it while watching four kids? I let them build a huge fort in the living room, I fed them every time I thought I heard a stomach rumble and I let them stay inside and watch movies they have seen a gzillion times yet are still fascinated with. Yes, I know, I deserve the mother of the year award. Oh yeah, I told them unless there was blood I didn't want to hear about it...So yep, it is done....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I caught something last night.....

Here it is in all its fishy glory. Guess what we had for dinner tonight?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I got to sew!

Not for as much time as I would've liked, but any time is good time. Especially in this house. The neighbor up the hill just called and she is a single mom with two girls. I suspect that she has a pretty hard time. Anyway, she asked if her 9 year old could come here next week Monday thru Thursday while she works cause some plans with the grandparents fell through...I had Brianna come one day, and she and Olivia about drove me bonkers, but of course I said yes being the masochist that I am. That and I know how hard it can be to not have a sitter...Woo-hoo...four kids now...I am thinking of it as a good karma opportunity since no money will be involved. We are going to be spending a lot of time going to the beach and the park and enough said about that.

I finished this big ole quilt and I am so glad...I think the top was done about a year ago and it was moldering away on a shelf in my bedroom. I love the actual quilting, but I hate putting them on the quilter. I quilted really heavily around the center and then I washed and dried it and I love all the puckers...It looks so quilty and old fashioned. I also started another scrap quilt that is going to be cool... I am using a lot of bright colors...I have all the pieces that make the block all cut and sewn and one block done...I am not ready to show it yet. I cut out an apron too but I haven't sewn anything yet. Maybe tonight? we will see...I also have to show off this adorable little card that Sherry made me..I love the little parasol girl. She reminds me of things that my grandma had in her house. So sweet and old fashioned! Thanks Sherry!

Monday, July 21, 2008

pink charms finished and Gone fishin'

I have the pink charms all done now and I am in the process of making the tags that they are attached too. I have five done and seven to go. I like how these turned out, especially since I just kind of did it with no real plan. The scariest thing was drilling a hole thru the tile. I cracked a few plain tiles before I got the hang of things. I think they are really cute tied to the little pink tags.

We all went fishing for salmon the other night so I am posting a couple of boat pictures too. No bites, but we still had fun. It was a beautiful evening to be out on the water.

Today, I am going to sew darn it! It has been crazy around here again. I have been taking care of all three grand kids every day and today Stacie, my oldest daughter is here and I am passing the mommy torch to her. I bought an apron pattern and fabric and I am going to try it out. I joined to apron swaps so I decided I better make a prototype. I also got some batting and I am going to put a big quilt on the quilter and work on it. We will see how much I get done! Andrew has a tummy ache so this may be hard! Cross your fingers, I need a sewing break!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

fried clams and pink charms.....

What a funny title huh? One of the great things about the island is you can go out and get your own seafood... on our getaway this last weekend, I was talking about this to the kids other set of grandparents and they were amazed since they are from the Midwest. We went and dug clams again yesterday and I thought I would show a picture....These are butter clams which are very don't have to pound the heck out of them like razors and they taste a lot the same. I cook them in the shell, you just cut the stomach out and then dip them in egg and then panko and fry them fast in hot oil....yummmmm. Obviously, these are not good for your little arteries, but occasionally they are ok...So here they are, clams in the shell!

I also started to work on my charms for the pink charm swap...I am making twelve all together...ten will go to other charm swappers and two will go to bracelets that are part of the pink auction with proceeds to go to breast cancer base is scrabble tiles, and I didn't realize how small they are until I started....these aren't finished, but I thought I would just show a little peek..I think they are kinda cute.....and pink...

An award.....

I received an award from Pearl at and I have been slow to show it cause I don't know how to link from just showing the name so I am doing it the hard way probably! Oh well, it is getting done and that is what counts. Pearl is a new blogging friend and I really enjoy the fact that she is always upbeat, her pictures that she posts are great fun and she wrote the kindest words about me on her blog when she gave me this award..Thanks so much Pearl. The award is the Arte Y Pico award and the link is .

The rules for accepting this award are:

1* pick 5 blogs you consider deserving of this award for creativity, design, interesting material and a contribution to the blogging world.

2*Each person awarded has her name and a link to her blog to be visited

3* each award winner shows the award winner and shows the name and a link to the last blog that presented the award.

4*show the link to the Arte Y Pico blog

5* show the rules

OK! Got thru that part, now the five people....Marie from Z quilts....her art is beautiful and varied and she is really branching out and I love to see the variety of things that she creates...

Marva Plummer Bruno for Purple Paints...Anyone that can sketch their own foot and have it look like a foot is great in my book...she is good at alot of things and makes beautiful jewelry too.

Helen Bailey...she was my inspiration for starting a blog to begin with...I used to read hers and see the new techniques and think, "gee, I want to do that too" she donates a gzillion quilts to sick newborns and kids and makes beautiful fabric atc's and postcards..She is a great person and fabric artist

Jenna Louise from Quilt Crazy Gal....she is a new blogger but I get a real kick out of her...she is very bubbly and her fabric pieces are full of whimsy and imagination. I really love that!

Also Fannie from Imagine and Create......I love her neocolor quilts and she really puts a lot of heart and thought into what she makes. She has a great bear pattern that I gotta order too, darn it!

All of these artists blogs are listed on my sidebar...go visit em!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

October journal pages for debby and tiny magnets....

I had a set of journal pages due for my friend Debby from my "color me silly" group...Her theme is the months of the year and I had picked October. I got to work on it last night and I had to incorporate Halloween. I know nature is beautiful in the fall and the weather is the best, but the kid in me was screaming "trick or treat!, trick or treat!' So here it is.....I used alcohol inks for the first time, they are very messy but I like the look on the plastic clock face. I also made some tiny little magnets on paper mache' stars. They are simple but kinda sweet I think. Today, I have a craft planned for the kids. I am going to let them make pencil holders out of some cans. We will see how this one goes. Maybe I can clean a closet while they are creating!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back home!

The kids and I got back this afternoon from a four day visit to Portland. Man, it was good to get away but I am glad to be home.. It was hot there...darn hot, and I am not used to it. We have had hot weather, but there is always a breeze. We had a great time visiting with Aunts and Uncles, cousins and the other" grandma and grandpa....I ate a zillion bing cherries, got treated to a pedicure (thank you again Cinda) and enjoyed a little bit of quiet while Alex and Jessie helped with the kids. We also went to a craft store / fabric store and I saw so many cool things! It is a good thing it isn't in my neighborhood, I really would have to go to work around the clock. I am posting pictures of a couple atc's I made...they are felted around postage stamps and all the materials came from Helen in a goodie bag that she sent me from the UK....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy late fourth of July!

Wow, has this seemed like a long holiday! Ours started on the third and we are finally winding it down. Our little town has quite the celebration the day before the fourth. I took all three kids down to the park on the water about 4 in the afternoon and we got home about midnight. There was entertainment, and exotic animal show ( we petted pythons) food vendors and those big bouncy things you jump in for the kids. After dark the fireworks show started and we all enjoyed it....On the fourth itself, we had our own picnic and bbq and I cooked off and on almost all day and then about 7 we went out in the boat and pulled crab pots....We hit the score on the dungeness...Actually came home with 39 crab..We cooked them outside while the kids lit off their own fireworks . Then the last few days we have done some visiting with friends and running around....Not much in the art or thread department happening but a lot of good food and memories!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I forgot to post the journal pictures!

Two posts in one day! I guess that will help make up for all the times I don't post at all! This is my layout for my altered book 'being a woman" I used retro fabrics because the focus is on four generations of women....The picture is of My great grandma, grandma, my mom and myself....I am the only one left now...I lost my mom to breast cancer at age 56 in 2002....the other page shows a funnel and the beads stand for all there talents and eccentricities and it is pouring into a three year old me. They are so much a part of me and I have picked up different things from each of them...I just wanted to show that I am honored to be a part of these beautiful " in many ways women"......

Blackbird chair and more fabric journal art

I have been busy around here the last week! Most of it was not art or sewing related either...I have been painting the living room and it is pretty big...Everyone teases me the way I do it., but for me it works...because of the kids, I use a brush and do a section at a time and that way there isn't so much mess either. It looks really nice..the paint in the container looks just like a chocolate milkshake. I saw Andrew eyeing it and had to tell him it's paint and I put a Mr. yuk sticker on it. Last weekend was so hot and beautiful here. After the winter I am not complaining. On Sunday, we took the boat out on Honeymoon Bay and went out to Baby Island. As the name says, it is a little guy out in the middle of the sound. As we got closer, we saw harbor seals on this gorgeous white sand beach. We don't have that kind of sand here so I was puzzled by it. The kids were thrilled by the seals, especially the big daddy in the middle of his harem...I yelled out "AR AR AR" (my version of a seal call) and they all got in the water so we decided to explore their little beach. The seals were so cute, they were afraid of us, but they wanted to keep an eye on their spot so they formed a circle about 200 yards from the boat and you could see their little seal eyes watching us. We didn't stay for but a few minutes cause I felt guilty..They are so darn pathetic out there! The beach is is made up of a zillion pieces of white shells from the seals eating there over time...I could've sat right down for a couple of hours and just looked at it up close. (except for those eyes and of course the seal stench, though there was no poop) They are actually making the island bigger. How cool is that? There also is one tree on this tiny little thing and in it was a bald eagle....We all admired him too. We stopped on the way back at a little cove and got out and played in the crystal clear water...Liv and I found a hermit crabs and we found some baby dungeness crabs too. I tried to get Andrew to let me put one in his hand but he wasn't buying it...Anyway, it was a great day and of course, I forgot the darn camera! On Saturday, the kids and I went to a garage sale and I got this little wooden chair for ten cents....I couldn't wait to do something with it but it took me till Monday to get to it. Olivia and I first painted it a bright blue with some red...It was really putrid in my opinion, so I went over it with gesso....several times and then it evolved into this blackbird chair...The blackbird piece is actually a mini quilt...I drew him and painted him with neocolor two's and then stitched him up and then I sprayed him with a water bottle...the back is this really cool bamboo wood paper...there is some on the front under the button too. The crocheted flower was made by Sherry and it came with my summer swap pkge....I didn't adhere it cause I put a pin back on it and wear it on my jean jacket when it is not on this little chair...Wish I could find a few more of these chairs, this was really fun to do!