Monday, October 31, 2011

Hey everyone..Happy Halloween

I have the perfect Halloween post, but first I have to say two things....Number one is if there were a dingbat costume I would've humbly wore it...Lately I put something away so I can find it and then I cant remember where I put it!
The second thing is I cannot follow a quilt pattern. I made a table runner and it turned out gorgeous..However, the pattern said you could pour a cup of tea and by the time you were done with it, the top would be done...Let's put it this way, I couldve grown the tea, harvested the leaves, dried them and drank a gallon...I had to take it apart five times to figure out what I was doing wrong...jeesh...
I had some of the cutest little trick or treaters tonight...One little guy was so precious...I miss my grand kids...I miss trick or treating with them!
I joined Aunt pitty pats halloween tote swap and she was my partner! We both have our packages so I thought I would share....She sent me the most adorable bag and mug rug with a zombie on it...I have used it as a book bag all week and taken it to work and everyone thought it was adorable!

And here is the whole package....She sent me a cellophane bag of candy too...It is not here in full, because I either ate it or forgot where I put it...I especially love the little black cat pin keep!

I sent her a tote, a mug rug with the same fabric and some little goodies...

The mug rug actually was an accident, but it ended up with little pockets on one side and I thought it was really cool!

Here is the whole thing before I mailed it....

I really enjoyed this made me feel like a kid and I LOVE orange.....

I also have made THE tablerunner and I was in the shabby chic fall bag swap and my partner an I both just loved our bags, in fact I immediatly cleaned out my blackhole of a bag and switched...I will post the other two swaps in my next post...Watch out for zombies......

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ladybugs and Chickens...

I just finished a pincushion swap that was hostessed by Jill T...She just recently started a blog that hosts smaller swaps that encourage you to make things rather than spend a lot of money buying things. She is super creative and I encourage you to visit and participate. Her blog is
So my good friend Val and I were partners...Have you ever known someone from blogging that you just know if you lived close you would be the best of friends? She is that person for me. Someday, we are going to meet and I am sure it will be like we have known each other for ever. She loves enchanted things...bugs, fairies, mushrooms, gnomes...Things like that. I decided to make her a lady bug pincushion.

This is Lyle who thought he was Lila until he found out that not all lady bugs are ladies. He is a happy bug.

I made him some fancy little pins for his little body...He is a fashionable thing, Lyle.

I also made Val an eyeball headband for Halloween...When she got it, she immediately put it on and began prancing around. She didn't know it had eyeballs on it until her daughter told her...We both had a laugh about that and she is making a costume around the headband. I cant wait to see a picture!

Now remember the eyeball thing as you continue reading.....
Here is what Val sent me!
The most adorable chicken on a nest pincushion ever and it is sewn so perfectly...My hand sewing is atrocious! I love her little tail feathers and her name is Henrietta.

A crocheted eyeball!!!!!! Great minds think a like!

And some sewing goodies that you know I will use in a cute little tin! Isn't she the greatest? Thank you so much Ms. Enchanted, I love everything!!!!

I have just been working, sewing like crazy and in my spare time putting away moving boxes. I am starting to see empty space in the garage! Hallelujah! Happy Fall everyone...Also wanted you all to know that blogger wont let me comment on blogs...Any ideas out there...I am just a lurker right now....

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It was a project weekend!

I actually had three days off and I got to sew and glue and cut and make a huge mess!!!! I also made things and some I can't show you because they are a secret. I have no idea what I was thinking but I signed up for four swaps that all pretty much have the same date. For a while, I make almost nothing and I think my jubilance ran away from me. I am happy to report that I got them done! Oh my happy dancing feet!

My partner and I for Val's zombie swap are done....Sarah is someone I have never met before and it was her first swap. I could tell by the note that came in the package that she was pretty excited about it..Whaddya say she's hooked? These swaps have a way of grabbing you.
So this is what the spooky miss Sarah sent me...

There were also reese's peanut butter cup but I wolfed them down first thing. I had a day that called for serious chocolate.

I love the zombie doll...I love the bright orange especially cause I have a secret thing for orange. That is me being dramatic and mysterious because I know it's not really a secret. A girl can pretend ok?
I already used some of the little monster stickers and I also ate a couple of eyeballs out of the coffin....delicous!

Here is what I sent Sarah....

The zombie bride from a few posts back.

Some spooky cards! And here it is all together....Zombie bride is in the coffin.she is waiting to make her appearance on Halloween!

A few posts ago I mentioned I made up a big tablerunner...Victoria from "Bears Mom" actually sent me these and I wanted to show her that I used them. I think the fabrics are flour sack repro's. I love them what ever they are. This first picture isnt the greatest but you can see the pattern.

And this is what I did with it.....This is what the colors really look like and this little bench is in my entry way.....

Happy Fall!