Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Shoes, a bag and an apron....

I am still in the process of packing and moving...(again), so I havent created a darn thing...I am staying in the same area of Utah, I just have my own place now. The big day to officially get moved in is Saturday and then I can put my sewing room back together. I miss it a lot! I had to show a picture of the coolest shoes and bag that I got...I havent had new things in a long time so I get pretty excited over stuff like this...I love the silver on these shoes, they rock. The bag is pretty rockin' is so soft and I can stuff all kinds of things in it. I also promised to show the apron I got in the Mama mia Apron swap..I was listening to the soundtrack from the movie and singing Dancing Queen while I took the picture....Kelly from made it for me....I love the colors, they are so summery! Thanks Kelly!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Still crazy busy.....

I am turning into a horrible summer blogger..There has just been so many things to do that I don't seem to have the time!!! It's a good thing though, because I am having fun again and it seems like a really long time since that was the case. I am getting ready to move, the kids are getting ready to go back with mom and dad and I started a new, better job. I have made some new friends and am getting out of the house more and enjoying the sun and the weather. I still am sad about the kids, but I am feeling good about how things are going. I pray a lot to have peace in my heart about it and I am getting it....I haven't made any art a or fabric projects since I finished my apron for the Mama Mia Apron Swap...I got it finished and mailed out on Monday so I am going to post it because I am sure my swap partner has it now....I had fun embellishing it...I also made her an embellished pot holder, sent her some yummy candle melts, cocktail napkins, a coffee recipe and a summer cookbook...She said in her survey she likes pink and black so I used a Washington shop hop fabric for the main part...It is pink rhododendrons on a white background, then I used a black shirting type of fabric. My lovely model is Steve my brother in law...if you look close you can see him waving the potholder around too!!! I wanted Julie to model and she didn't want her picture taken so we coerced Steve into taking the job...He is so pretty in it...I got a great new apron from my partner too...I will post it tomorrow after I get a picture in it...Valerie from tagged me a while ago to tell seven little known things about me so here I go...I hope none of these are repeats....
1# I flunked home EC sewing ( I hated it with a passion)
2#I love high heels and wear them high, I mean two and a half inches and up...if I am not in heels, it is flip flops.
3# I am still self conscious about my art work, I always am surprised when people want it.
4# my friends and I put a skunk in our high school on Halloween and it shut the school down for three days to air it out. It was on Paul Harvey. (the radio show) We never got caught.
5#I played the saxophone for years and probably still could play, I think.
6#I like older men.....
7# I love to, love, love it. Once I start, it is hard to stop!
Now to tag some players...mmmmmm Patti at Magpies nest, Lorraine, Tonya, Andrea and Sanna......Tell us all about you!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Long time, No blog......

I think this is the longest time I have ever gone without blogging and I feel guilty, and yes, I have missed it too! Things are crazy here and there are a lot of changes in the works. The kids mom has been here getting to know them again, and they are enjoying her and the baby...The baby is adorable and I am enjoying getting to know him. Then my great friend and the kids Aunt came to visit and we got in all kinds of trouble...she did anyway shopping for her girls. I loved having her here! It was fun to have my own company for a change. Olivia also had her 8th birthday... It is hard for me to believe that she is eight...She had a neighborhood friend party that was HUGE....(no we didn't expect fifteen kids plus our three...) and then we had a family party with her mom when she got here....The I-pod got the biggest scream...she is growing up, that is for sure....I have been working on this crane / zen quilt for my oldest just needs borders now and then I will quilt is the late part of her graduation gift...I also have been working on my apron swap and my second necklace book for Fiber Art Traders...Like I said, it's crazy here but in a good way and hopefully, I will be able to get in some good blog time and see what everyone has been up too! I miss you all!