Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer is wonderful!

At the condo where I live, they have a great pool and workout room so I have been doing a lot of swimming. They have the Jillian' treadmill by Nordic track....What a kick. It will even post to your face book the workout you did. Here is the weird thing....I am the only one who uses it. Mine is in the garage which works in the winter, but it is just to hot to use it out there. Even late at night, cause it doesn't seem to cool down.

I also have been doing a lot of yard stuff. The yard is super small and with two big dogs it can get pretty ripped up. I water the spots where they pee and it seems to help. I also planted some woolly Thyme in the bare spots. I am excited to see it start blending in with the grass. It smells good and it makes a totally steppable yard. Even for high traffic. I have been taking cuttings and starting perennial containers. I just love going out late at night and watering. It is peaceful and I can see the mountains. It is hot, but there is this awesome breeze

I went on an informal lunch date to Park City Utah. It was fun. They have an all day farmers market on the weekends. It has a whole lot of craft booths. I am surprised at all the things that sell that I can make. I got some good ideas for things. I want to open another Etsy store with ready made fabric things that aren't super expensive. One of the things that I got a super big kick out of was they had a Bloody Mary Bar....Like a salad bar. I had just never seen that.

This is not my arm by the way.....just saying.

I am not much of a drinker, ever, but boy, on a hot day this was good. I love this hat. As we walked down thru the main street I went in a few shops. One of them was filled with the most amazing sparkly things. I was drawn in like a magnet. Absolutely beautiful cowboy boots, belts, scarves and buckles. Oh yeah, and bags. Well, this hat was in it for 64.00. We went down to the market and it was at a booth. My date bought it for me for 18.00 and a yummy bar of handmade soap. Everyone there wears cowboy. Why, I don't know cause it was a mining town. But I guess you cant run around in a miners hat with a light on top. But who knows I might.

I have been making things too...Etsy is pretty slow. I just think there are so many portrait painters and I am kind of lost in the middle. Any ideas? I am working on cat things right now for the cat show that I am going to have a booth in. I also am working on a birthday box for Stacie (oldest daughter) Olivia and Daniel. I am making bags and pj's and finishing the little Disney scrapbook. I am kind of scattered right now. I need to make a priority list.

I did make some cute homemade cards. I love making these torn paper flowers.

I sent the cards and this little lavender sachet and card to a blogger friend who just out of the blue will send me a walmart card to help with medication. She has a huge generous heart and I am just so blessed to have her and you all too. I have gotten fabric and clay and little goodies from people to keep me going. The biggest thing it does is lift my spirits to be cared about. It has really helped. I have had an epiphany as far as my family goes. Including my sister. They are toxic and I love them, but the only time they love me is when things are good. I love them, I forgive them but I am putting a lot of distance between us. This doesn't include my kids and grandchildren. Just my dad and siblings. It hurts to be called names and accused of not having anything wrong with me. Apparently I am just lazy if they feel like they should be helping me and don't want to. The truth is I don't want their money I want love and support. They just don't have it to give without making me pay by listening to them call me names and put me down. I will tell you it is hurtful, but realizing that it is that way is also freeing. I have spent my whole life trying to get love and approval from my dad. Knowing and accepting that I am not going to frees that hurt little kid in me. I still love him like crazy but I don't need his approval. I am just going to love myself instead. So I am doing better. I am hopeful.....YES, HOPEFUL! Thank you all again for your caring and support.

Today I just finished a cat portrait. They are 3d, which means I make the sewn piece and then it goes on a bag or on a quilt. This is Val's cat Suki playing with a feather toy. It is going on a batik bag. I just thought I would show just the cat.

I always think the backs are cool looking too. I tend to use thread in the bobbin in any color just based on what I have...These use a lot of thread!

Yesterday I read the coolest book on my Kindle. It was free too! If you are a Christian that gets frustrated with churches or you just need a lift, you should read it. "Every Bush is Burning." It is fiction and it spoke to me in a million ways...

Happy Summer! xoxoxox melinda
Well I am going to go swim. Happy Summer! xoxoxox melinda

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

havent posted in a while...

Part of it is I dont look forward to it because this new blogger seems like a lot of darn work. Other than that I just have been busy. I had Lisa, my youngest daughter here for a week and it was so good to see her and give her some mama love. She is doing better but still has a long way to go. It is so hot here, we spent a lot of time at the pool. I also have gone camping again and also wakeboarding one Sunday...I cant believe I learned to do it at age 50 but there you go...Guess the old girl has a few years yet.
 The ex had the car that he was supposed to pay for repoed so I dont have a car. He is in contempt of court but all it means is he wont be able to renew his liscense and if he gets pulled over he will go to jail and come to Utah. The good news is he has done all he can do to me. The other good thing is I am getting stronger and when things happen, I am not starting from rock bottom again. The car thing? I have one in Oregon, just need to find a way to get it.
 I am still sewing a lot. I just finished an apron swap and my partner was Nadine. Here is what I sent her.

  We all made ruffled aprons using a pattern off a blog...I had fun putting different fabrics together. I also made her a boquet of fabric roses. I sent her some vintage buttons in a sewing tin and I made her a ruffle rose card. I like doing themed type packages...Nadine does too so it was fun to work with each other and the colors we chose.

 She totally spoiled me with my package. It was shocking really. First of all she got the colors I love....these are so me! She made a ton of ruffles let me tell you....not only this wonderful apron.

She also made a ruffled bag which I have been using everywhere, a ruffled pot holder and towels and a little velcro wallet and with the leftover fabric she made me a jelly roll which I am making something with....Also thread and beads....Can you believe it. It was better than Christmas!

  I sold my first pet portrait on Etsy so I was pretty excited about that. I got it all done and mailed. It is a gift for a friend who just lost her lab.....

 I hope it reminds her of happy times...Pets mean so much. I was honored to do it.

 I usually dont do people, but the picture was so sweet I just had too.

 I have been making a lot of other things, but this dumb blogger is so time consuming I will save some for next time...If you know anyone who would like a portrait please send them over to fancypawsquilts at
happy summer xoxooxoxox melinda