Sunday, September 23, 2012

Living a life.

I am so happy to tell you all my friends that I have a home, a car, a job and a few good friends. I know life is going to throw some bumps my way but I am hoping for a peaceful road for a while. As far as the move, I was all packed and put away in five days. A lot of you may remember my last move. It took me almost 8 months to put away things. What a difference hope and happiness can make. I have a new job working from home and I am looking forward to school. I wont be starting until the next term but I am excited about it. The car? I finally put my foot down and got back the car I gave my dad. I wont say it was easy, but it worked out. I rode the Greyhound to Oregon (16 hours) and what an experience that was. When I was a kid my grandma and my mom would ride Greyhound. I would never, ever, ever put and elderly person on the bus. I heard things I have never heard before. The bus was comfortable it is the people on the bus. Wow! Has this world gone to hell in a handbasket or what? I got to see all my kids and the grandkids while I was there. I love having my car back, but seeing the kids topped it all. I even got to see a couple of my good friends. I came back tired but happy. My little Andrew has lost all his teeth! I got such a kick out of him and his big smiles.
I walked him to and from first grade the few days I was there. I look at him and still see the little baby that I walked the floor with. I think I will always see him that way. My heart child. He and Olivia are so much a part of me and always will be. It seems strange to see them all grow up. Even my youngest grandchild is three now. I took him and Andrew to Chuck E Cheese It was fun to see Andrew be the big brother to Trace. He is very loving and patient.
I have really had fun putting my house together. It is an old brick house in an old neighborhood. It has all the original woodwork and super high ceilings. It has two floors and it has been made into two apartments. I have the main floor which I love. Here is the kitchen.
I have filled it with art from friends, family things, quilts and antiques. I loved it the minute I saw it in an ad. I rode the train three and a half hours here to look at it and told the landlord even though I had no money, I would on the first and he rented it to me with a handshake. That is God working, In this world especially. This is the first house I have ever had that is just kids, no grandkids...just me and my pets. Which werent a problem either...How many people want to rent their nice house to someone who has a 170 pound dog. I feel blessed.
I have even made friends in the area. One of my friends has almost lived a parallel life to mine. We met at the bus stop and see each other every day. She is an older single mom with a ten year old boy. He loves art and is very creative. He found out I was making a zombie doll for the swap at Val's and he wanted to join in. He made a sock monkey zombie that turned out so good. Here he is with it...
It is fun to work with a boy who loves creating so much. We had a good time. I cant show my zombie because it is a surprise swap. I am going to mail it tomorrow. I have been sewing a bit. Not as much as I plan to. I have been mostly settling in to this new part of my life. I did finish the doll.... I hope she doesnt look so scary now. I redid everything that could be done. Here she is before...
Here she is now....
I made her this little sweater outfit with skirt and matching socks and I have it for sale in my Etsy shop. (FancyPaws Quilts) I think she is so fun.
I would love to do another doll. I am hoping maybe someone will ask me to do a doll in exchange for a doll for trade. I like making the clothes too. Today I cut out a retro dress for me. I am going to a vintage fashion show the first part of October and wanted something vintage like to wear. It should be fun. I was going to start sewing it today but I need to get some interfacing first. So I am alive and well and doing so much better...Thanks again my friends for your support! Happy Fall! xoxoxmelinda