Friday, October 12, 2012

Doing Great!

I have been continuing to make my new life. I have discovered thrift stores...I have found some of the coolest things to redo for just a few dollars. It lets me "shop" too, so I dont feel so deprived. I will show some redo's on my next post. I have been doing house things and work. Also reading a lot. The library in Ogden is huge and I am really enjoying it. I did finish the zombie swap...Now that it is over I can show you what I sent.
Along with Miss Dead', I sent her some gravestone Halloween cards, some ginger thins {cookies} and hot chocolate and a scary pin. She made me the most beautiful doll...I have all my zombies in the middle of my table. That is the sum of my Halloween decorating..The little Dead Heather made me (we both made little red riding hood) is right in the front with her leashed wolf.
If you have followed my blog for a while you will know that I love vintage. Melissa (LittleMessyMissy) loves pin up anything and she bought my trailer. She took me to a store in Ogden that sells reproduction pin up clothing. She has saved and been able to buy two dresses. I have been collecting old patterns and I finally made a pin up dress. There was a fashion show and luncheon that benefitted the Shriners hospital so we decided to become pin ups and go....It was so fun to dress up! Here is the dress I made for a total of 5.00 and that includes the zipper. (by the way I have conquered my zipper fear!)
I even went on utube and did a pin up hairstyle and make fun.
The litle blue evening bag was my grandma's and it matched perfect. The sweater was a 2x that I got for two dollars at a thrift store and I took all the ribbing off, put it back on as edging and I made a little sweater out of it. Here is the dress without the sweater....
I have some really cute pictures of Melissa too in one of the shop dresses, but I dont want to show it without asking her...I really felt good in this dress. Other than that it is quilting season here. Daniel and Olivia asked me for new quilts for Christmas. I am going to make Andrew and Trace one too...It just warmed my heart when they asked. I guess my babies have outgrown their little kid quilts.... Olivia wants soft blue, purple and black and Daniel wants blue, red and orange...I already have ideas. I am making my oldest daughter a star quilt that was a round robin. I am going to do the kids portraits on it so she can hang it in her dining room. She has the perfect dining room wall! So that is whats new...Happy Fall everyone. xoxoxomelinda