Thursday, March 31, 2011

what I have been doing in pictures...

Well, besides all the things like housework and day to day stuff anyway......

An Easter table topper and appliqued dish towels. I had a lot of fun doing these!

Easter cards for a SwapBot Easter card swap.....Usually cards arent my thing, but these were fun to do!

And Hedgehog stuff for this months YOE swap...

I also got this wonderful mini quilt from Cindie Waite in the mini quilt swap on swap bot....It matches my living room colors to perfection. I was so thrilled with it! Now I am going to get oustside and take a long walk. It is a beautiful Spring day here and I want to make the most of it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If I was a quilt, What would I look like?

I am thinking something like this.

Oh? You need an explanation? I think the label says it all....

You could throw in that I have a "colorful" personality and at times, mouth! I see things in black and white and my mind is always going, going , going....The beads represent people who are important to me...
I did this mini quilt for a Swapbot swap. My first one. It is for a woman who is an anthropologist who of course enjoys translating peoples art or quilts into her studies. I just kind of let my brain go (ok, quit snickering, it was easy) and thought of my strengths and flaws as I sewed. I hope she likes it...
I also made litte Ava B another girly outfit minus the skull and tutu..(scroll down and you will see what I am talking about.)

Little shoes made of linen.

they were made to match a onsie dress and floppy eared hat.......

Here she is, the little princess all decked out.....Julie and I had to laugh. She has grown so much in a week that this outfit is actually going for my nieces new baby girl due in April.....I am making doubles of everything...Baby girls rock...they really do!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three dogs and Gnome Homes.

I finished Deb's quilted portrait of her three Jack Russel's...They are so cute and were fun to do. The hard part is always the time thing. When I am working time just inches by and then I get a day off and the clock goes triple time. I just hate that. So it is done and now I have to figure out how to mail it!

White animals are very hard....It is really hard to get any dimension, but I think I captured them....I think.

I also finished my Gnome home swap for Gin. This was the theme for our Year of Enchantment Swap this month.

A little house with a dangling gnome.

She loves hair things so I made her a fabric headband with a detachable bow out of reproduction fabric....I love this headband. I found the pattern in a Better Homes and Gardens quilting magazine. I also found some enchanted chocolate bugs and a little mushroom charm. Everyone can always use a little chocolate, right?

Just for fun, I made some altered home magnets too...houses? homes? you get the idea...They are kind of heavy for the magnets but I still like them.
So now I should do some laundry and clean my bunny cage but instead, I think I am going to go back to bed for a while before work....Have a great day!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Winner, Baby goth outfit and Maddie's quilt...

First of all the winner of the CSN gift Certificate is Jo from
Send me your info Jo and I will email the certificate out to you and have fun picking out something!!!!
Having a new baby niece is so much fun. I made her a baby onesie, tutu and headband and it was so much fun!

I loved using the fuchsia and black combo and I even plan on getting some black and white striped knit fabric and making leggings. Haven't had much time so far though to go look. The best part though, is seeing my little Ava B in it....

Can you tell I am just in love with her?

Just think of all the cute things I can make for her...She is better than a Blythe doll!!!!

I actually plan maybe to make these and sell them....maybe.

I also finished Maddie's quilt.

Maddie is fourteen and has bone cancer....after one round of chemo she has lost 16 pounds and is down to 86lbs...she needs lots of prayers for her and her family...

I don't know Maddie, but I work with her dad and I wanted to do something for her...Aren't quilts great? I am so lucky to be able to make her something....Thanks for your prayers everyone!