Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring is Here!

And that is my excuse for not blogging...I have been creating little bits and pieces of things though. I have been trying to get out in the sunshine as much as I can. I have seasonal depression so the bright sky really helps! I have been taking my dog for some really long walks the last few days and trying to get the yard in shape. I have a pretty big yard so it is a lot of work. But the view of the Puget Sound makes it worth it!

Two projects that I would really like to work on are quilts and purses and bags. I have about four quilts ready to put together and a couple of ideas for handbags..Everyone in my family including sisters, brothers, nieces etc...have a bed size quilt from me and all the girls have some kind of handbag. Now I really would like to make some to sell...Art supply money! WOOHOO! I have been sticking to my "use what I have " rule , but I am getting the itch to buy some new cool stuff!

I have been cutting ovals of white on white fabric the last few days and painting whimsical faces for the dolls...It is kind of fun...I tend to listen to tv and not pay attention so they can get pretty funny. I will post a photo of one that I really like and I think is more on the folk art side. I did finish a doll today for myself too...Her name is, "A song in her heart and a bird on her head." I think she is hysterical but some might feel she is "cutesy"...I am not really sure.

I also have a fabric charm swap coming up...I have never done any kind of charm swaps before..I am thinking that with just fabric, it might be kind of boring. I will probably look on the net and see if I can find some really cool ideas.

Speaking of things never done, I did a folding/ quilting thing today on a postcard. I had never done this before, and my first attempt looked like a cow plop! haha...It is resting in the garbage..The second one I kind of like and it is a tulip with a folded center with a beaded stamen. I probably will not do the folding thing again, but you never know. I am posting a photo of that too!
Happy Spring everyone! Melinda

Monday, March 26, 2007

Easter Postcards...

Today was our first nice day here on Whidbey Island In a while! I just sat on the deck, (for too long probably) in a chair and enjoyed the feel of sunshine..It was pretty incredible. I guess we get one more day of it, and then more grey yuk so tomorrow during the day I am going to be outside with the dog gathering up pine boughs so I can mow on the weekend...I drove to the store today with the windows down so I could get that freshly mown smell...mmmmm! I have spring flowers now too! Hyacinth, and little baby red tulips that my hands are aching to pick. The hydrangeas are budding like crazy and my cherry tree is a ball of pink fluff...I have everything the deer don't eat I think. That and the bunnies...My plan is to grow things on the deck in pots so the creatures of the forest don't eat them....We shall see..

I made three more postcards today. I usually watch the two E.R. reruns in the morning and make something or sew. I love how these turned out...They are very spring like. I wanted to make another doll today too, but never did get to it..I finished a book and had quality time with my vacuum instead....Enjoy the postcards! Melinda Oh yeah, the easter egg pc with the blue ribbon is actually done 3d style...very pretty and a lot of detail..I just couldnt get a good photo of the little chick in the easter cart.......

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Today was a fun day!

I relaxed, said the heck with laundry and played in my art room! In the winter issue of "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" there was an article on folk art dolls with a pattern by Katie Kendricks...I had wanted to make one for a while so today I did..She is so funny sitting on my dresser and with her arms wide open! I had made barbie doll clothes as a kid, but never an actual doll. I had to kind of play it by ear and I painted the face directly on the fabric and then sewed the details instead of drawing on paper and then printing it...I love the Neocolor 2 water crayons....If you heat set them they stay...They actually have become one of my favorite things to play with. There is a really cool art store near me that sells them individually...I want to go in this week and pick some more juicy colors! I am going to make several of these dolls with positive affirmations on them and put them in a basket on my dresser.What a great way to wake up....Fortune cookie sayings on an Asian inspired one would be cute too.....

I also got out for a walk in the holly orchard..(it sounds so romantic) and then came back in and made postcards, or started them...I just putzed around. Sometimes I need to do that. I did finish one for an Easter trade.....It does have a religious theme and I am not sure if the person is open to that, so I have started some featuring fabric eggs too... This one is all fabric and thread and a little bit of Angelina...The postcard is called "risen" and the doll says, "I wish for you, great things.." Now off to snuggle in bed with my pets and a good book! Night, everyone.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Finished the NICU quilts.......

This is the first time I have made quilts for donating..It is a nice feeling to do that. I was a nicu mom with my infant son so I know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be....I made one for both a baby girl and a boy....I didnt use any kind of pattern, just put colors together. I especially love the little cowboy fabric....I read somewhere that babies see primary colors right away plus it is cheerful...Well, I am going to go work on some postcards!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hey everyone! I am so glad to have my camera back! I just felt lost without it....I am frantically trying to get my little boy baby quilt done and then I can relax for a while again and just play and make things. Once in a while, I get really sad because everyone acts like I am wasting time doing this kind of stuff...I love the "oh, what's that for" statement. I realized how much of my sanity depends on being able to make things that I think about it...And a lot of times, my feelings are coming out in what I make so it's kind of hurtful. My daughter came up and she looked around the house and said this is "so pretty" and I know she meant it, but she never noticed why....I always was the one who noticed everything as a child.....Anyway, here are some pictures....The felt book is incredible and if you have a question on any kind of felting it is in here! I have got to start felting....right after I quilt make postcards, purses.......etc...haha!

The little atc is called "in her box" and she is a watercolor done around a rubber stamping for "Fabric atc's one to one"...It was a monthly challenge.....Now this go back to what I was saying. I have been feeling really cooped up on Whidbey Island and I have the winter blahs and I looked at this card and it came out in what I did! Isn't that strange..because it was not my intention.......

Last of all my piece de" resistaaaance! The black and red book spread for the round and red to me, is a little bit risque' you know like fishnets and red garters and this is where my mind went from there....the curtains might be too much, but it is my interpretation of her life is a stage......the little picture on the right is a tiny little altered cabinet card...I actually had a lot of fun and I hope the recipient ( Debby Harrietha) loves it.....night all! Melinda

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I will have a new camera tomorrow!

I have lots of new stuff that I have created...the only problem is, a lot of it went off in the mail already.Guess I will have to make some more! Any excuse to feed my addiction. See you all tomorrow! Melinda

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My camera cord went bad!

I am so darn mad! I have to try to find one on the internet that will work with my camera. I have made all kinds of new stuff and taken all kinds of pic's, but I cant get them off the camera.

I figured until I find a cord I may show some other things that I have made.

My youngest daughter just left to go home to Oregon with my two little grandchildren! they are so cute and they are growing like weeds!The house seems pretty empty and quiet without them. In fact, after this post, I am going to take a long quiet nap and forget about my camera thing for a while!
The little girl in the picture is my grandaughter, Olivia. She is tiny but tall and getting taller. Her dad is 6'4. She loves to clean house with me and be the "big girl". She helps with her baby brother a lot too!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Placemats and a kitchen table...

I got this little drop leaf table at a flea market for twenty five bucks! I was so happy, cause' it was just what I was looking for! Of course, I had to make some crazy placemats to match! My daughter and two grandbabies are on their way here from Oregon! I am so excited! We are going to have a lot of fun doing kids stuff! I also got the coolest book on feltmaking..I will post a picture later of the book.It has the greatest projects in it...Even little tiny hand felted cherries on a stem which I already plan to do...till later, Melinda

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I finished my altered luggage piece!!!!!

I just loved how this guy turned out!It was fun to make too!
I would like to put this on EBay and see what happens but I have no idea how to charge for it! I need help you experienced people! I need to go over it again and then spray it down with a sealer again...Then I think I am going to get wooden balls for it to stand on...decorated of course...Please help me with FEEDBACK! Melinda

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Washington Shop Hop quilt blocks

My art project is really a quilting project these last few day.. I went to the 06 western Washington Shop hop and had a blast!!!! I hit 32 stores and got unique blocks from most of them...I t is happening again this June so I am trying to get this quilt done before I get a whole new stash of blocks to make.....I have been doing two blocks a are 4 from the last couple days...Each block features the Washington signature fabric that is made just for this event! It is going to be a HUGE quilt! I am also working on "crazy place mats" and altering a Samsonite vanity case......We are having windstorms and power outage's so I haven't been on the computer much....It makes it kind of hard to do anything in fact!!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Beautiful mail day! I gotta show it off!

I wanted to post this, because I got some of the most wonderful art from other people in my groups! The talent is so amazing! I hang it all over my walls and everyone comments on the beauty of the stuff...I just had to share today.
There is a valentine quiltie and atc from my great friend, Susan Burgess. The quiltie is titled, "whispers of love" and it is all done in rich velvet and tapestry...She won by votes for the February challenge for fabric atc's one to one......Her little atc is titled "God is good, but never dance in a small boat." I love her sense of humor, it makes me laugh!.
We also had a cabinet card swap on fabric atc's 1 to 1....I love the three I got...There is "sew many memories" again by Sanna, "loves to sew by Marva and it has her signature color on it...PURPLE! I just love the purple, woman! and I also got Cheri's "she hopes" and the color scheme is awesome..She also really featured the beauty of the card which I love.
I have been doing a monthly alphabet postcard trade on Arts in the mail! I am still working on my D's, but Karen sent me and E card......It is for echinacea..and it is all free motioned and has the most beautiful fabric.
Last of all, I got a fantabulous book from Debby H...from our Color me silly group. I love the heck out of this group and the people..Incredible talents and points of view from these women...I am honored to be in it! This will be the fourth book I have worked on, including mine! Her theme is red and black......I will post my spread when I get it done...I have to think for a few days before I dive in. I am blessed with all my friends and the art I get! Thank you all!!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I finished the crazy quilt block!

I am not going to post a picture of it, because I am going to wait until it's all done.....What a project! I am giving myself eight more weeks to finish it....that way I only have to do a block a week...I don't know how hand sewers do this! It is so much work. One thing about me, I really don't enjoy sitting and piecing ...I like the quilting because it means it is almost done! Confessions of an instant gratification queen! I admit it! So that was one completed and for my project of the day, I did a scrapbook quilt....They are so fun and easy! You make a little wall size quilt and embellish with photos and mats and fun stuff.....People love them....I make them instead of birthday cards....this one is of my little angel girl granddaughter. Her name is Olivia....She no longer has the baby look and I was missing it so I made one to hang in my art room...I tell you one thing, it was so hard raising three kids by myself at a young age, but being a grandma at a young age ROCKS!..You don't have the responsibilities, you get to play with art supplies, make mud pies, have tea parties and play barbies! Nothing beats that!

The next thing on my list is to make a small quilt for a little boy..At fiber art traders there was a call for nicu quilts...I signed up for two...I already made a little girl one so now time for the boy....I like making little quilts because they are so fast......Here is a picture of the fabrics I am going to use.....

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

my guest bedroom..I just love it

I tried to post this photo a few minutes ago, and it said I had to start over! Still trying to figure out how to move the pictures around to where I want them.
I just love this room...but I need to give the walls some color..Any idea?...The bed was my mom's as a child as well as the dresser..It means a lot to me as I lost my mom 5 years ago to breast cancer when she was 54....Whenever I miss her i just go cuddle up in her bed and talk to her in my head.....The quilts, shams, pillowcases I made cause I love bright colors...As a result of the vivid colors I am stumped on the wall color..........I would love suggestions.....Till tomorrow, bye

Another painted atc......and some quilt talk

I got some pretty positive feedback from an artist friend so I made another one today....Not sure why they are cats..just felt like doing them..this one is called watchful.

I also worked on my second square for a crazy quilt.It is 21 inches and I will make 9 total..It is a lot of sewing!!! I love the embellishing part, but the sewing of the pieces I hate. I sew and flip forever! The first block I was so pleased with that I just have to keep going....So it's almost two down, eight to go..I have never done one before but have always wanted one..I do not like handwork though..So I got a wonderful book by "Barbara Randle" and it is machine and hand done...It is a wonderful book, I would recommend it to anybody!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Trying my hand at painting atc's......

On Fabric atc's one to one we have started something once a month where you make a card with a certain art technique...We have done colored pencils and a water theme so far...It really has challenged me in a new direction. I know free motion sewing just took practice and more practice first I was horrible, and then I got better. I am hoping it is the same with drawing and painting..Leaping lizards was done with watercolors and ink a fabric back and the edge is, cat, moon is done the same way. Eventually, I am hoping to put some things I make on ebay to keep my craft supply costs down...Right now, I am using things I have and that has sparked some creativity too. Plus there is the accomplishment of making something from nothing. It's a great feeling!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

I have recently discovered altered altoid tins...I saw one a long time ago and deemed it too hard for this humble girl. On "Fiber art Traders" ( a yahoo group) they had a call for a trade, so being me, of course I signed up for two! The perfectionist that I am went a little crazy on how to make the edges perfect and they still ARE not!

But really, I am ok! haha.....This one is called Pins

and Porcupine quills...I got the quills from a friend named Cheri who calls herself Scari..Why, I dont know...these quills called to me for over a month........The inside is a burlap pin cushion holding ivory pins...this just reminded me of something my great grandma would have had....She had numerous little treasures lying all around the house! The tin on the top that is supposed to be towards the bottom, (told you I would make mistakes) is called "Things of Green" I filled it with green ribbons, buttons,pushpins, allkinds of green stuff! Hope the recipients of this swap really enjoy their tins!
Welcome to Melinda's fabric fancies! The reason I had to have fabric in the title,
is because I love it and I always put it in somewhere along with stitching!
As of January First, I made two resolutions...One, to make something every day,
and Two, to start a blog! So here I am! It took me awhile for the blog thing, as I find it a bit intimidating! Bear with my mistakes, there will probably be lots of them!