Monday, March 24, 2008

New atc's....

I have been palying with fabric dyes and watercolors on muslin and layering them up with little bits....Here are some of the results.....My eyes are ready for some Spring color!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This winter has almost killed me!

Holy crap is what I have to say about that! I am recovering again from pneumonia and tonsillitis and am kind of hopeful that this is it until next winter when I am going to get every preventative shot known to the medical community! It is all those first grade germs Olivia brings home I am sure.....In between my royal patheticness (not sure if this is a word but I like it anyway) we have been selling girl scout cookies, I have been volunteering as an art teacher at her school and I have been sewing off and on. It just has depended on whether I can get out of bed that day. My cherry trees have buds and I know the warm weather is right around the corner....and by the way, Why is Easter so darn early this year????? I thought I had all this time! Wrong! I need to go to the big city (haha) of Oak Harbor and make an Easter Bunny run......As far as what I have been sewing....I made four big pillows for my couch out of dupioni silk and hand dyed batiks and I have been putting together my shophop quilt and embroidering the names of all the towns on the blocks...It is a big quilt and really bright and fun. I tried to stick with primary colors when making the different blocks. There are some mistakes, I am not using a pattern, just making it up as I go, but I think the charm it has will overrule the boo- boo's....that is me, always the optimist. Andrew, as always has been my little helper....He puts pins back in the pincushion and lays on the quilt blocks with cooper....We have been doing a lot of reading. I read and he talks to me the whole time......I just finished "The Kiterunner", what a book! We are talking heartstrings here...I was surprised a lot at the twists and turns and I read so much that I very seldom am....well, the couch is calling so good night for now!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rose Belle quilt....

Well, she is all done and it only took me almost two years....(sarcasm..) The gerber daisies are an add on by me because the hat that was supposed to look like a rose in bloom, just did not..... and the rose that is covered now in free motioned daisies did not look like one either...I think she is a pretty little thing with her painted face and bright colors. She is going to hang in Olivia's room with her sister, Miss Poppy Belle.....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Let them Eat Cake!

I finished my work in my altered book and I just adored doing the Marie Antoinette thing...Anyone who loves pink, cake, shopping and her kids is ok in my book! Speaking of cake, today I went down to Langley and had the best cake...yummmm. it was a sponge cake layered with cream and strawberries...I have lost my appetite lately for regular food but still am loving on the sugary and sweet things....No girl scout cookies though! We are all sick of them in this house! Liv is selling them for her Brownie troop and dummy me bought a butload of them...I am tired of every flavor....I read back over my blog last night and I had to laugh...{several times}..Some of the projects that I were sure would be done, and said they would be, still are not....some of these are from a few days short of a year ago. On the other hand, I have made a ton of things so I am cutting myself some slack. I am working on an old project right now...One of the "Belle" quilted wall hangings....I pulled it out last night just wanting something mindless to work on and got the applique part of it done. It is really pretty and I am not sure why I haven't finished it by now...I was thinking about it, and I bought it one of the last times I was with my grandma and I think it makes me sad. In fact I am sure it does. She was always so excited by everything I made or was going to make....Usually, if I start something, I finish may take a little while, but I will get to it. Anyway, I am pretty sure I will have it done by tonight. The last day of the sew expo is tomorrow and I really wanna go, but I still am not feeling all that good...I am sitting here trying to decide as I write...The ferry is such a pain but there are treasures there just waiting for me to buy them....We'll see if I make it.