Monday, May 16, 2011

Sand and fun......

For the first time in a long time, I actually just said " forget about what I need to do" and I went and had fun instead. I got to go camping to a place in Utah that I had never been. (I actually have been only a couple of places here...) I went with a group of friends to a place called the Sand Dunes. It was so fun. We took a sand car (think 100 mile an hour go cart), a quad and a rhino...kind of a big quad car...At the dunes there is a huge mountain of sand...I mean huge. My favorite part was going up and down it in the sand car. I wasn't the driver, but the passenger. It was a huge thrill. I screamed my head off, about peed in my pants, and then yelled "lets do it again. Here is a picture of the mountain.

And here are a couple of pictures as we came to the bottom and whipped around to do it again. Windblown and exhilarated that is for sure! The thing moves so fast it is hard to get pictures!!!!

The downside? I am still living out of boxes in the garage. Tonight when I got home, I forced myself to unpack a few things and I guess it isn't going to kill me to plug along at this slower than slow pace.

Last week I made a few things while I could still get at my sewing machine. It is blocked in with boxes again. I made some quilted postcards for a couple of trades. The first was on Fiber art traders and the theme was Tarot cards.

The moon is my favorite....I just used a white on white fabric, drew a picture with a pencil right on it and then colored it in with a watercolor crayon. Then I spritzed it down with a spray bottle. The last step was to sew around all the outlines with black thread. I love to make fabric postcards. They are so fast, it is kinda instant gratification.

Also for Swapbot I made a couple of postcards for a trade. The theme was use a leftover quilt block...I used two crazy quilt squares and this is what I came up with.

Then I made a swap package for Jill who is in the Enchanted for a Year ornament swap. This months theme was birds nests.

Here is my ornament for her......I decorated up a little nest and put eggs in it, then put it all on a painted clothespin so she could clip it on her tree.... I also made some tags and a necklace. It was a little challenging because I had to dig in the garage and try to use what I could get to! I still loved doing it....

In return, Jill sent me some of the cutest nest things I have ever seen. An ornament made out of wire and beads that just WOWED' me, a little nest charm, some cards she made using a sketch she did and the cutest ever felted bird on a nest. He is so cute he is in my living room. He makes me smile everytime I look at him....I guess she is a her but she feels like a he to me...Not sure why?????

We just havent had much of a Spring here at all....It is nice to have my little bird on his nest to remind me that Spring really happens!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day all!

Mother's Day is always bittersweet for me...Instead of thinking about my children and how they are going to celebrate me being their mom, I think all day about my own mom and how much I miss her....Especially this year, being so far away from everyone.

Our last Mother's day we went to Home Depot and bought pink rose bushes. Until this move, I have moved the roses every place I have lived. So today, I went and bought a new one and I thought of her and all the things she did that made her uniquely her. The way she would snort when she laughed, her love of sappy movies and how she would call me at the end crying and mostly just how she loved me..... The best feeling in the world!

Ironically, yesterday in Salt Lake City they had the Susan B Kommen walk for the cure...I wish the cure would've come in time for my mom. 56 is way too young to lose a battle with breast cancer. I am grateful for the years that I had with her, but at times I also feel so ripped off to be fighting all my battles without my mom to console me and cheer me on. She was my biggest fan and my best friend. Life is lonlier without her. The world was a better place because of her....I love you mama, I think of you every day.....Mindy