Monday, April 9, 2012

Time with my sister....

We had a great time but boy, does she have two high maintenance kids...I love them so much but they are busy, busy, busy! I hadn't seen Ava since Portland and she ran to me with her arms in the air yelling 'GaGa, GaGa, GaGa!" It was so darn cute until I realized that every time I put her down it started all over. HA HA. Jace gave me a big ole' hug too then he went back to his little cars and pestering his mama. I took pictures of them while I was there.

I made a photo collage of Ava in the dress that I remade for her...This ended up not being her Easter dress, cause I made her something else.

Such cute kids and I love to sew for them!
Julie and I got a little crafting time together. We both had signed up for Michelle at "something Special's" Spring jar swap. Here is Julie's.

And here is mine for Jeanelle.

When I got home I had a jar waiting for me from Jeanelle...I love it so much. I think the top is so pretty and simple and there are lots of little things inside.

Do you love surprises? I sure do and I got two of them in the mail. One from Kerry and one from Margaret. I am calling these my Easter baskets cause they had candy in them!

From Kerry and look there is still chocolate in there....It is an Easter miracle..Thank you Kerry for being such a sweetheart. It was totally unexpected and so appreciated!

Margaret and I were in a swap together and then started emailing each other..She has been a great listener and friend. She told me that she had so many things in her craft room and sewing room that she could sew till she was 90 and not make a dent and if I needed anything.......I have something I am working on and I needed a piece of black and white fabric. Look what she sent me....

So earlier I mentioned a new Easter dress...Here it is.

Jace and CJ ( great nephew) got matching vests and bow ties.....woohoo. xoxoxox melinda

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easters hopping this way!

Last year I did an Easter swap with Maria from Australia...We had never swapped and agreed to a private one...It is always fun to swap with someone from another country. One of the things I made her are the tea towels in my blog header...I don't remember what happened, but I didn't get to post her gift to me before Easter...Oh Yeah! I was moving on Easter and her gift was packed..Anyway, I told her I couldn't wait till' the next Easter to post and now here I am! (I betcha she thinks I forgot..)
She sent me Easter candy too and as you can guess I ate it...Well almost all of it...I saved two special things.

A candy egg and a very special Easter animal. In Australia the Easter Bunny passed his torch to the Bilby.

So In Australia, the Easter Bilby is the guy with the eggs. I was reading an article saying that rabbits create havoc with crops and they are out of control so instead an endangered animal took its place...I think It is a great idea and even though my pet rabbit, Donalds doesn't agree I like it. It is always great when thru a swap, you learn something new. Thank you Maria!

Along with the candy she sent me the most adorable bunny that she had made....It is perfectly made with little tiny buttons, blue gingham lined ears and little overalls. I was getting ready to make my April wreath and something clicked and I thought what better way to show off her cute creation.....

The best part? I get to show off Maria's work that was made just for me and the wreath? It cost me 99 cents to make. The only thing I bought were the shiny eggs. Gotta love that.

I have been working on a lot of things but for the last few days I wasn't feeling too well. I lost my job due to attendance because of my anxiety disorder. I applied for unemployment so it is a stressful time. My sister is finally back from Portland, (my dad is doing better) so I am going to go over there for a few days and we are going to sew.....xoxoxo melinda