Saturday, September 21, 2013

Most days it still feels like summer....

I can feel Fall right behind it though.
 I have been busy with the kids, the chickens and the garden. The garden is still growing strong. I just planted more green beans to see if I could get another round in. It just might work!

  I am now coming into the squash season. That and the yellow cucumbers. I am going to have a lot of birdhouse gourds to play with after they dry! Plus, My cluck clucks are laying eggs now. They are so cute, I get such a kick out of them. When I go to pick them up, they bow their heads down so I can get them.

 After many years I re met my beautiful Grand Daughter Haylie. Here she is with Liv on the bench avoiding the mean geese....Haylie is 10 and Liv is 12. I have a feeling Haylie is going to be a tall girl. I love seeing her. She is here again this weekend and we are playing in my art and sewing room. She loves everything I do which I think is the best part of being with her. As I blog, she is sewing behind me making a pillow for her mom. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I made another Quilt Along Barn Block, this is my second.

I also made a block for the lone survivor of all the Firefighters in Colorado that lost their lives. Jean is collecting signature blocks to make a special quilt for this brave guy. I can only imagine the pain and heartache he is feeling.

I also participated in Val's zombie swap. This was my third year. The theme was Alice in Wonderland so I created for my partner Malice in Zombieland!

She is an evil one our Malice. Her horrific tray holds the Mad hatters head and hat, The heart of the queen, the dead white rabbit, black roses and what is left of the Cheshire Cat. Nothing but a smile!

To go with her undeadness I also made a Halloween House and Three Glass balls that spell out BOO.

Happy Fall Y'all!