Sunday, June 10, 2012


I have been sewing every day, making cards and journal pages. I also finally planted some flowers in the backyard. They make me happier for sure.
 After I am done posting, I am going back to sew. Kinda proud of myself doing it every day again. Sometimes I have to really work to get going, but then it kicks in and I do well. Just wanted to show a few pictures....
 June wreath with vintage chenille bedspread roses......

The little circles in the center say "happy Summer."

 I also made a June table topper....I pulled some red from the strawberry fabric that covers the can and then used the chenille to make a crazy topper.

I am using it on a patio table. It is nice and cheerful.

 I love container planting but I sure miss having room for a garden!

I also have my April journal page finished...I did it camping and I think the colors around me were the inspiration.
I hope you are having a great Sunday. xoxooxmelinda

Friday, June 8, 2012

Etsy, camping and dining room pictures.......

I finally opened an Etsy shop...I think it is going to be hard to get started because I am kind of lumped together with a zillion pet artists although only a few quilt portrait people but theirs are different than mine too...So I am hopeful and I am going to keep working on it. I think it will take time. I still think my niche is going to be pet shows or pet specific things...I am going to go to a pet show soon just to talk to vendors to get some ideas and feedback. I was going to do a dog show the end of August and I have a few days to think on it yet. I am worried it might be too soon...I will have to either rent panels or make them for a 10x10....I might just be overanxious about it....( I worry about everything...dumb.)
Ok, so here it is, the dining room painted.....and the furniture redone...Both my roommate and I love these colors so it worked out great!

Before the walls were white and he had the bakers rack and a high table that matched with two high chairs and nothing on the walls..... and my dining set is pine so I sanded it all and redid the cushions and painted it black which I like a fact quite a long time ago, I posted a before picture of the chairs.

The black one wasn't all done, but you get an idea of the before....

It takes me a long time but I almost have the whole downstairs painted....I will show the kitchen next.....

I went last year camping up by St George (Sand Hollow) with my roommates and his friends and family and I went again this year too...I actually had a lot more fun. I knew people better and the heat didn't bother me so bad. I spent a lot of time listening to a 15 hour audio book floating around on the lake. I enjoyed it and I actually relaxed. It was a nice feeling.

"So Cooper, where is mom?" (yes I call myself mom to my animals... never woulda saw this day coming...)

"I don't know Ruby. I have been looking for her."
"maybe we should take a swim and see if we find her?'

"Haven't seen her" said the bird.
"me either." said the dragonfly.

 "a clue, a clue!" Cooper barked.

"could it be mom?' Ruby barked back. "Let's swim closer."

"I recognize those feet." said Cooper "I sleep right by them every night."

"hi mom!" barked Ruby and Cooper.
"Right back at ya." I said.

Have a great day. xoxox melinda