Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and Christmas was AMAZING

Aside from the bus ride, Chritmas was so much fun and I felt so loved and spoiled. Probably the most unusual thing that I got was a beautiful hot pink cuckoo clock. It sounds horrendous...A cross between a horse neighing and a sick crow but oh so beautiful. Seeing the kids was the best part. Big and little...(my children and grandchildren.) I made the most awesomest (I know, I know, it really isnt a word but it fits ok?) prime rib! You coat it in spicy mustard, salt and pepper and rosemary then roll it in rock salt. When it is done you break the salt shell with a hammer. It is yummy.
Here is Liv tracking Santa on the computer keeping me company while I cook.
Daniel and I celebrating in our Santa hats!
Liv and I getting ready to down some sparkling cider! I did get all the projects done with lots of hard work. I literally sewed until a half an hour before I left for Washington! The kids got their quilts.
I made Stacie a new purse.
And these cute Dresden plate quilt hangings that I saw in a BHG magazine..These make up really fast and are super cute.
As you can see by the banner at the top, Taylor and I went sledding when I got back. it was so much fun. I have the skinned knees to prove it. We are planning on sewing tonight and going sledding tomorrow! WOOHOO! Little Miss Tayloree got a sewing machine for Christmas from her Mom. We both are thrilled! Happy New Years all...oxxoxoxoxoxoxomelinda

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Scrambling Frantically!

I leave tomorrow and I have so much to do yet! Luckily I leave late at night for my daughter's house so I have all of tonight and the whole day tomorrow! I have two quilts to quilt and bind and three mini quilts to make. This is when I wish I had my quilter set up. I can quilt fast, but my shoulders get so tired pushing all the fabric thru a regular sewing machine! Ok, instead of whining about what isn't done, I will show pictures of a few things that are. I finished the blue wreath and mailed it to my daughter. She got it and called me all excited. She told me she had just been looking at one that was 60.00 and mine is way prettier! I thought that was the best compliment, I always worry that not everyone will appreciate my homemade things. So here it is....
Stacie (daughter) has big blue eyes and is my blue girl.She loves it like I love all things pink. I sent both wreaths thru the mail and both made the trip without damage. I am very happy about it! I have seen packages marked fragile thrown into bins at the post office before. One was mine and it happened right in front of me... I also finished two little Christmas houses..I got the idea from my friend Jo at She had made some really cute Halloween ones. I love to be inspired by other bloggers!
Taylor (upstairs neighbor girl, age 12) and I actually made these together. They are little wood birdhouses covered in paint and scrapbook paper on top of inverted wine or champagne glasses filled with little glass balls. Fun and easy and I think pretty too. The day of the Conneticut shootings, I was actually posting a picture of the quilt all finished for the family of one of the victims of the theater shooting in Colorado. I was so upset I didnt post it. I still am upset and so sad for the families of these sweet little angels and their keepers. (teachers.) I dont understand this kind of evil crueltry. I just pray and wish love and peace for the families. Anyway, here is the quilt.
I know it wont bring solace but I hope it lets the family know that people care and love them. I took Taylor to Zoo Lights at the Hogle Zoo. She had never been to the Utah Zoo and the kid was wound! It was absolutely freezing! We dressed in many layers until we could barely move and we were still cold. in one exhibit they had western states animals like sea lions and otters. The exhibit talked about saving fisheries. I was reading a board and looked up and there was my little home town on the map. I was so excited. It was just a weird thing to see in a zoo in Utah! Here I am pointing at it...
They really light the zoo up beautifully. We didn't see a whole lot of animals but they did have the nocturnal house open and the big cats were out. Normally you dont see the animals at night and we saw a couple of Sand Cats in to Mother Natures callings. It was so funny (I did'nt let Taylor notice that this is what I was doing.) to stand at the end of the building and watch peoples reactions as they walked by. did It was a fun and happy night. We even ate a deep fried smore. Just in case you are wondering, it is a little ball of graham crackers full of marshmallow and chocolate. Yummy! Well, back to sewing and quilting. Wish Me luck! Merry Christmas. xoxoxox melinda

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Whats on Your Worktable Wednesday...

There should be more because I am frantically working away trying to get more Christmas things done...Here is todays projects though...
I am working on Olivia's quilt. Getting the top all together. I think it is going to be really cute. I am using the 9 patch Pizazz book to do the kids quilt. It is a really simple pattern that showcases the fabric.
The glue gun and wreath are to put together another vintage glass ball wreath. I got everything at the Salvation Army thriftstore for a grand total of 3.00. These are so easy and inexpensive to make. I really love them. This one is going to be all blues, silvers and golds.
Happy Christmas Creating...xoxoxo melinda

Thursday, December 6, 2012

C is for Calm and Collected

In an emergency I am your girl. I go into some kind of zen place until things are taken care of and then I get the jitters and shakes when it is over. When my little sister split her chin right open, my mom called me to take her to the ER. I came upon a really bad car accident one winter where one lady had died and another was in shock. I wrapped the second woman up in a blanket and held her still and had the second passerby call 911. I stayed with her until the ambulance came...Total calm. Really. You get the idea.
That is until an incident with my baby Grandson Daniel. I am so in love with all my grandchildren but he was my first. Before he was born I had no idea how I would feel about him. I was so excited but was it going to be like with my own children? That instant amazing love? It was! It was! I lived and breathed this beautiful little baby and I still do. 14 years later.
My daughter Stacie and baby Daniel lived with me and he was about 5 months old. I was moving out of the city into a wonderful log cabin next to a river at the base of Mt Hood. I had decided it was worth the commute into Portland. (it was). She and I were finishing the cleaning of the house I was leaving. We had Daniel in his car seat and he was sleeping. We got to the foyer and I was on my hands and knees wiping the floor down. She was putting the vacuum and broom and assorted cleaning supplies in the car. She then put Daniel in the back of the car and buckled his car seat in. (still sleeping.) The car was maybe 20 steps away in the driveway. I cleaned my way out the door and locked it. I had her help me put things in the trunk of the car. This took at the most maybe ten minutes. It was a nice sunny day and the car door was open so we could see Daniel. When I went to get in the car I looked at him and noticed he had the blanket pulled over his face. I pulled it off of him and he just didnt look right. I took him out of the car and he was limp in my arms. I talked to him and jiggled him and patted his back and he still was limp. I told Stacie to go to the neighbors and call 911. (I had given my cell to my youngest daughter who was at the cabin meeting the movers). Stacie barely moved...She told me later it felt like one of those dreams where you are trying to run with cement feet. With Daniel in my arms I ran to the neighbors door and opened it without knocking. (these people had just moved in and I didnt know them.) A teenage boy was talking on the phone and didnt even quit talking. I said " I need to call 911' and he said " I am on the phone" (like this was a normal everyday occurence. sheesh) I took the phone off his ear and called 911. I am thinking "c'mon little guy, dont make me do cpr." "Please God dont make me do cpr on this little guy." I knew I would break his ribs and I so didnt want to do that. The ambulance took hours. Later I found out it was there in less than three minutes.
It finally got there, the EMT took Daniel from me and they looked him over and started and IV. They told me they were taking him to the University hospital and Stacie was riding with them. A fire truck had also pulled up and one of the men came over to me. I was feeling wobbly. I sat down on the curb and he took my BP. It was sky high. He told me to put my head between my knees and take some deep breaths. After a short time he took it again and it was coming down. He told me to sit about 20 minutes before I drove to the hospital. He assured me that my precious little Daniel bug would be fine. They left. I sat. I prayed and I took deep cleansing breaths. I prayed again. After I felt the time had gone by I drove to the hospital. I beat the ambulance there. I really did. Calm, Cool and Collected... Daniel? he was ok half way thru the ride to the hospital. He had overheated himself in just a few minutes. Scary stuff. So unless it is a grandchild, I am the girl you want in an emergency. Otherwise I am the one hyperventilating on the sidewalk or driving like a bat out of hell down the freeway. Calm, Cool and Collected that's me.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WorkTable Wednesday and B is for Balls...

First of all I just want to say, get your mind out of the gutter girlfriend! The balls I am referring to are vintage Christmas balls...More of that in a minute! (haha) This is the first time I am linking up with Work Table Wednesday. If you are new to my blog, then welcome and don't let my opening statement scare you. So what is on my worktable? Let's take a peek.
This is my craft table, cutting table and pinning and ironing table...It pretty much does everything including holding my incredible messes. I excel at those. On it are a stack of papers that will become Christmas cards, Some scrapbook paper and little blue Christmas balls and trimmings that will become little Christmas houses. ( Thanks Jo). Also two different stacks of fabric that I am cutting out today to make quilts for Olivia and Daniel my grandchildren. I am really looking forward to doing these!!!! The colors that Olivia picked were purple, pale blue and black. It was challenging but fun to find the right fabric. I think it actually is going to be very pretty. Now little Miss Taylor, my upstairs neighbor girl, my shadow and fellow crafter in crime, age twelve took over my dining room table to make " Thank You cards" . I have figured out when you are 12 the more you can stick on a card, the more beautiful it is. So bear that in mind if you are a recipient! So here are her supplies right where she left them and I dont mind a bit.
She says that making cards is her favorite thing. When we sew that is her favorite and when we do other things that is her favorite too. I miss being 12. Ok on to my "B" post. I am playing along in Jenny Matlocks Alpahabe Thursday. I am two letters behind (I lost track of when it started) so I am catching up. Tomorrow will be my first OFFICIAL post. B is for balls As in Christmas balls...You know, the ones that most people no longer use. The kind that are fragile and break easily. I found three baggies (big ones) of these in a thrift store for 95 cents a piece. For several years I have been seeing the beautiful wreaths people make from these ornaments and I wanted to try one. I used a 1.00 wreath from the dollar store and three one dollar glitter ornaments. Some leftover tulle and a glue gun and I went to town and back. Maybe I am just a twelve year old at heart? The more I stuck on it the prettier it became...My pretty Ball wreath...
I am making a blue, white and silver one later....Get out those old Christmas ornaments and make something pretty! Really. xoxoxoxoxmelinda

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A is for attached.

I have participated in Jenny Matlock's Alphabe Thursday once before and also her colorwriting prompts. It is great fun, I just was struggling so much that I could'nt commit to anything on a regular basis. Things are better so here I am! I love to write and tell stories and this gives me an outlet and lets me meet a lot of other bloggers too...Go check it out, it is a lot of fun. A is for attached. Several weeks ago, I pulled up in my driveway and the security light came on and I saw a tiny little black kitten under my porch. At first I wasn't even sure it was a kitten because it was so small. I dropped my groceries and ran to get a better look. There was a tiny little hole in the siding and as I went to grab him, he tried to wriggle into it. The kitten was terrified of me and I could tell that he was starving. Leaving the groceries in the rain no , I took him inside where I could look at him. He not only was tiny, he was young. It looked like his eyes had just opened. I have a back porch with a pantry area. It has no door so I covered it with a quilt and I keep my kitchen door open for my two cats. Their litter box is in there and there are also some storage boxes. The minute I put him down, he dashed for that pantry..He was so small he could'nt get in the litterbox even if he wanted to so I made him a tiny one in an old dustpan. I set some wet cat food out on a little plate. Hunger overcame the fear and he came out and dove in watching me to make sure I didnt come to close. Someone must've dumped him.
. I didnt try to approach him any more. The next day I went to my landlord and told him I found a little kitten under the porch. He told me to him they were as bad as rats and he would come over and get rid of "it", and if I brought it in the house he would evict me. Cruel, pompous $#@$%#$#%^. After that conversation ended, there was no way I was putting that kitten outside. I needed to get him used to me so I could find him a good, loving home. I knew I couldnt keep him because of the whole landlord thing. I didnt see a lot of him the first few days which was good because I knew I couldnt get attached. He was so little and helpless and I knew he must be missing his mama. It took great restraint on my part. I also knew I couldnt get attached because Thomas my cat and king of the house would'nt like him. About the time I was thinking that I heard running feet. I walked out and there went the kitten with Thomas right behind him. I was afraid he was going to attack him. They ran behind the couch and came out the other side and this time the kitten was chasing Thomas. I laughed as they continued to take turns playing "tag you are it." I then told myself that I could'nt get attached because the kitten would be too afraid of Big Ole Cooper...(165 lb huge yellow lab). That was until I went out and found Cooper on his bed with a little kitten sleeping on the back of his head. Ok, it was because of me now, I could not get attached to this poor little guy cause there was just no way I could keep him. On the third night, I woke up because my neck was hot. I was thinking this was a pretty big hotflash for sure...Except the hot flash was purring. I sleep on my side and from then on at night I had a kitten wrapped around my neck like a stole. He was getting used to me. I knew when he was awake because he would bat at my hair until he fell back asleep mid-batt like kittens do. I didn't name him because I thought his new family would want to do that and it would help me not to become attached. I kept him for three weeks and he grew and got used to other animals and people. When I came back from Thanksgiving, he was the first to the door to greet me and soon was nesting in my hair. (my neighbor girl Taylor took care of the animals.)I noticed he had grown and knew it was time. I took one picture of him and put it on the local internet classifieds.
I worried no one would call because I couldnt bear to take him to the Humane Society. They euthanize after just four days. My phone rang and it was a lady who was looking for a kitten for her mom who had just lost her older cat. She came right away with her son. Baby Kitten knew something was up and held on to me for dear life. I could tell she loved him right away and thought he was perfect. I made her promise to love and take care of him and get him his shots and get him nuetered. She promised and took him from me. I cried for three hours. I was glad I didn't get attached to him. She called me a few days ago to let me know how much her mom loves him and that she named him Champ and how he sleeps in her hair. I smiled and thanked her and then shed a few tears because I knew I did the right thing for the little kitten who stole my heart. But I didnt get attached.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Taylors birthday and Thanksgiving....

Thank you so much to all of you who helped Taylor have the kind of birthday she deserved. She was so excited "That people she does'nt know would do that for her..." I was as touched by generosity as she was. Giving just feels wonderful does'nt it? I have to show a couple of pictures just to show her off... Here she is in the Christmas dress I made for her. It started as a thrifted "bigger" sleeveless dress. I cut it down, added sleeves, an underskirt, a handsewn rose and ribbon trim...I think she looks so pretty.
Here she is all loaded up with birthday goodies...She has had more fun with these things! I tell her she could'nt be lost in a crowd.
Thanksgiving with my kids was so fun. Olivia even wore a dress in honor of me being there. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures because someone stole my camera on the busride home when I was asleep. Oh well...... Stacie told me she was excited to have me help with the cooking. When I got there early in the morning the day before we went and got everything to make and I did all the cooking. I was happy to do it too. My Mother In Law made the cutest pumpkins, some on garlands and we had them all thru the house. I took some home and took this picture to share..(some of them are pincushions.)
I also went to some antique stores with my oldest and bestest friend. We had a lot of fun. I found jars of buttons for 1.50 a little wrought iron doll bed and these adorable planters. They are hanging on my kitchen wall with a red clock that I got at a thrift store for 1.00.
I have some more things to post but I will wait till' next time. I have a lot of Christmas projects to do! I am making three grandchildren quilts for Christmas and my daughter portraits of the kids. I am really looking forward to it though. I did finish my ornaments for Vals swap. You make five and get five back. I saw this pattern in a BHG magazine and thought they were so cute. Super easy to make too!
I wrapped them up in brown paper bags that Taylor stamped...I think they are really cute. On the magazine cover they showed a bouquet of them in a tin can...Super sweetness. More Christmas'y stuff to come! xoxoxox melinda