Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bedroom redo photos...

Quite a while back I mentioned that I was redoing a guest room. I have had it all done for quite a while except for hanging some things on the wall....I love it and call it the Zen room. One reason it is Zen for me is the whole room cost just under 80.00. Everything! I got a mismatch paint for 2.50 (regular 29.99 for a gallon.). I went to Ross and found a comforter set for under twenty dollars on clearance and everything else came from a yard sale or I made it.
 I started out with a mattress, foundation and frame and a gold curtain rod and two gold holders....It looked something like this in there......

Then I painted......

I can't remember why I have the chair on the bed, really! I love this green though.

This is the view from the door....On the ceiling it looks like there is paint but it is just a shadow..

I made two art pieces for the room....I found a blank canvas, old wood frame and a bunch of old keys in a baggie. I even found a can of copper spray paint for a quarter.  this is the result. The leather hanging thing is a key holder that some of the keys were hanging on. I just added beads to the bottom.

Cute little chair as a nightstand, vintage suitcase and a lamp and shade redo...The owl is the one that Daniel made.

Not a great picture but I have several of these little crates in the room. They were 50 cents a piece.

This print framed I found for two dollars. I really love it in the room.

I had some bright pink curtains that I tried to dye and they came out an obnoxious puce color. I painted, stained and inked this and added texture with thread. I then took a big branch that fell in the yard and tacked it over the fabric and sprayed over it with copper paint.

This was my own idea. I found these little wooden stakes and painted them then inked in the grand kids names and how far away they are. Luke's point up because he is in heaven. My own Baby Angel.

Last of all, a couple ideas from Pinterest. Fabric wrapped pillows (no sewing). and Two sheer curtains instead of a headboard behind the bed. On the bottom layer are quotes that are inspiring that I wrote with a sharpie.

I love how it looks and the kid's like reading them .

That's it, it's a room now. I have redone several and am working on the laundry room now. I will show more later! Happy Fall....xoxox Melinda

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 I have been doing little bits of things here and there. I get frustrated because I can't just whip things out like I used to. I will decide to do a home project or a quilt and it takes me forever. At this rate, I will get very few things done so I guess I just have to accept it.
 I did with help manage to decorate the front yard for Halloween.

I tried to decorate so that when Halloween is over, I just remove a few things and fall decor is in place.Like this wreath on the front door.

I changed out my purple rocking chairs for some really comfortable off white chairs that I got at a garage sale for  for both. You can tell they are expensive chairs when you sit on them. They are so comfy.

Olivia and I are going to make little lanterns out of glittered jars with glow sticks in them. I am not used to really getting Trick or Treater's but I guess it is really big in this neighborhood!

On the night of the Zombie Ball that the kids went to, we all decided to play zombie. I did all the makeup and hair. It took a long time and boy, did I make a mess. The pictures are out of focus but still funny!

I love how my daughter put her face up. It cracks me up....

Here is Liv and her friend Tori...

They really had fun and I guess there were a lot of games for 
 and under. They came home loaded up with all kinds of stuff.

I am also slowly working on the laundry room. It had this hideous wallpaper which is now gone. It was a job.

The room already looks better before a paint job.

Last of all, on a beautiful fall day my son took me fishing. It was so pretty out and quiet and we talked a lot. Plus I caught two Steelhead. Can't beat that!

He and I went thru a pretty rough patch, so it was great to have the day together and I know he felt the same way......Happy Fall! Melinda

Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy October, one of my favorite months!

It is cooling way down now and I am enjoying it. Especially since it is still sunny. I apologize for not blogging too much. I just was sick for so long that I didn't  have the energy to do it. Pneumonia is a kicker I will say that. I would start to get better then relapse. Or wake up feeling good and two hours later, I couldn't get up the stairs. Over two months is a long time to be sick.

 Stacie (daughter ) Took us to the rubber duck races on Sunday. We each had five and you think you might have a chance until you see how many there really are. They drew for fifty really big prizes.

I had to short leash Cooper because those rubber duckies were very tempting.

They had a lot of activities for kids and families. Daniel and Olivia made pumpkins. Someone donated a ton of them and all of the things needed to decorate.

Daniel can be hard to get out. He is so into computers. He told me what a fun time he had. That made me happy because I don't get out much.

Here are the kids, dogs and I with a giant rubber duckie.

I started to decorate for Halloween today. I have a few things to make yet and then put out. I am going to decorate the porch up nice. It will mostly be fall, that way I can keep things out until December.
Right in my entryway though I decorated for Halloween. That inspired me to make a new zombie doll. I kept with the Alice in Wonderland theme and made the white Rabbit. Except he is now the Zombie Rabid.

Getting ready to bake his polymer clay parts.

His body all ready for a head, hands and feet and we can't forget his pocket watch.

He is a scary rabbit for sure. Nothing Wascally about this Wabbit.

I also made a wreath.

The pom poms with the spiders and the Halloween box were made by a swap friend, Chris.

Here is the entryway all orange and purpled up!

I like it a lot and I know the kids will too. Which is why I do it.

My son brought me corn stalks and I put a chair and this wooden crate filled with things out right by the door.
I had bought one of these crates a long time ago and when I looked at it I knew I could make them. This is one of them that I made.

I want to paint the door a lime green. We will see if I get to it or not.
Happy October! xoxoxomelinda