Sunday, March 11, 2007

Washington Shop Hop quilt blocks

My art project is really a quilting project these last few day.. I went to the 06 western Washington Shop hop and had a blast!!!! I hit 32 stores and got unique blocks from most of them...I t is happening again this June so I am trying to get this quilt done before I get a whole new stash of blocks to make.....I have been doing two blocks a are 4 from the last couple days...Each block features the Washington signature fabric that is made just for this event! It is going to be a HUGE quilt! I am also working on "crazy place mats" and altering a Samsonite vanity case......We are having windstorms and power outage's so I haven't been on the computer much....It makes it kind of hard to do anything in fact!!!!!


Helen in the UK said...

32 quilt stores - WOW!! Did you do them in over 1 week or 1 weekend or 1 month?
The blocks look great and a super ongoing project. Your altered vanity case sounds interesting too - look forward to hearing more :)

Cary said...

Interesting to know.