Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Another painted atc......and some quilt talk

I got some pretty positive feedback from an artist friend so I made another one today....Not sure why they are cats..just felt like doing them..this one is called watchful.

I also worked on my second square for a crazy quilt.It is 21 inches and I will make 9 total..It is a lot of sewing!!! I love the embellishing part, but the sewing of the pieces I hate. I sew and flip forever! The first block I was so pleased with that I just have to keep going....So it's almost two down, eight to go..I have never done one before but have always wanted one..I do not like handwork though..So I got a wonderful book by "Barbara Randle" and it is machine and hand done...It is a wonderful book, I would recommend it to anybody!


Helen in the UK said...

Love your painted cards - particularly the latest cat one. If you start selling on eBay you must let us know :)

Melinda Cornish said...

Thanks Helen!

Anonymous said...

beautiful work!!! If you ever want to swap atc's let me know!