Thursday, March 8, 2007

Beautiful mail day! I gotta show it off!

I wanted to post this, because I got some of the most wonderful art from other people in my groups! The talent is so amazing! I hang it all over my walls and everyone comments on the beauty of the stuff...I just had to share today.
There is a valentine quiltie and atc from my great friend, Susan Burgess. The quiltie is titled, "whispers of love" and it is all done in rich velvet and tapestry...She won by votes for the February challenge for fabric atc's one to one......Her little atc is titled "God is good, but never dance in a small boat." I love her sense of humor, it makes me laugh!.
We also had a cabinet card swap on fabric atc's 1 to 1....I love the three I got...There is "sew many memories" again by Sanna, "loves to sew by Marva and it has her signature color on it...PURPLE! I just love the purple, woman! and I also got Cheri's "she hopes" and the color scheme is awesome..She also really featured the beauty of the card which I love.
I have been doing a monthly alphabet postcard trade on Arts in the mail! I am still working on my D's, but Karen sent me and E card......It is for echinacea..and it is all free motioned and has the most beautiful fabric.
Last of all, I got a fantabulous book from Debby H...from our Color me silly group. I love the heck out of this group and the people..Incredible talents and points of view from these women...I am honored to be in it! This will be the fourth book I have worked on, including mine! Her theme is red and black......I will post my spread when I get it done...I have to think for a few days before I dive in. I am blessed with all my friends and the art I get! Thank you all!!!!!

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Helen in the UK said...

What a super-dooper mail day!! All looks wonderful. Can't wait to see what you decide to do on the new book :)