Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring is Here!

And that is my excuse for not blogging...I have been creating little bits and pieces of things though. I have been trying to get out in the sunshine as much as I can. I have seasonal depression so the bright sky really helps! I have been taking my dog for some really long walks the last few days and trying to get the yard in shape. I have a pretty big yard so it is a lot of work. But the view of the Puget Sound makes it worth it!

Two projects that I would really like to work on are quilts and purses and bags. I have about four quilts ready to put together and a couple of ideas for handbags..Everyone in my family including sisters, brothers, nieces etc...have a bed size quilt from me and all the girls have some kind of handbag. Now I really would like to make some to sell...Art supply money! WOOHOO! I have been sticking to my "use what I have " rule , but I am getting the itch to buy some new cool stuff!

I have been cutting ovals of white on white fabric the last few days and painting whimsical faces for the dolls...It is kind of fun...I tend to listen to tv and not pay attention so they can get pretty funny. I will post a photo of one that I really like and I think is more on the folk art side. I did finish a doll today for myself too...Her name is, "A song in her heart and a bird on her head." I think she is hysterical but some might feel she is "cutesy"...I am not really sure.

I also have a fabric charm swap coming up...I have never done any kind of charm swaps before..I am thinking that with just fabric, it might be kind of boring. I will probably look on the net and see if I can find some really cool ideas.

Speaking of things never done, I did a folding/ quilting thing today on a postcard. I had never done this before, and my first attempt looked like a cow plop! haha...It is resting in the garbage..The second one I kind of like and it is a tulip with a folded center with a beaded stamen. I probably will not do the folding thing again, but you never know. I am posting a photo of that too!
Happy Spring everyone! Melinda


Helen in the UK said...

Love that new doll :)

Judy said...

Love your stuff Melinda...especially that doll from Cloth,Paper Scissors by Katie..I have been wanting to make one of those too. Did you know she was over in near you ? (Well if you took the ferry to Port Townsend) She was there teaching for Artfest...I would love to go next year..Let me know about swapping for ATC'c

Melinda Cornish said...

I did know that and she lives in Washington too....There are a lot of "arty" people over this way! Melinda