Tuesday, March 6, 2007

my guest bedroom..I just love it

I tried to post this photo a few minutes ago, and it said I had to start over! Still trying to figure out how to move the pictures around to where I want them.
I just love this room...but I need to give the walls some color..Any idea?...The bed was my mom's as a child as well as the dresser..It means a lot to me as I lost my mom 5 years ago to breast cancer when she was 54....Whenever I miss her i just go cuddle up in her bed and talk to her in my head.....The quilts, shams, pillowcases I made cause I love bright colors...As a result of the vivid colors I am stumped on the wall color..........I would love suggestions.....Till tomorrow, bye


Helen in the UK said...

Love the piccie of your spare room. I think with so much going on in your quilt/wallhanging you need a soft colour on the walls. In the UK Dulux do a range of paints which are 'white with a hint of ...' - maybe you have something similar. I'd pick a colour from the quilt and go for similar, but softer on the walls :)

Angelcat said...

I agree with Helen. The wall hanging is fab so you don't want to go with anything too strong on the walls. What was your Mum's favourite colour? Would it make the room too sad to paint it in that?

Melinda Cornish said...

Maybe a really pale yellow? like a tinted white with yellow? I think that is a good idea you too...It is furnished with all antiques which are dark too so that might cheer and lighten it up too! Angela your comment about my moms favorite color made me smile! My mom's favorite colors were pink and purple, bright of course! It would be hard to be sad in a room like that! Nuts maybe, but not sad! haha...Thanks again you two! I sure love both of your blogs!

zinkibaru said...

I want to live in your spare room! It is so beautiful and perfect as it is. I love seeing all your work there.

Marloes said...

What a great room!
I would go for a (softer) colour from one in the hanging quilt to put on the wall, probably apple-green.
Good luck,

Melinda Cornish said...

Thanks becky and marloes!!! I never thoght of a light green that matches the quilt...A lot of paint brands make these little color testers...I might have to get green and yellow and try them!I am still contemplating! melinda