Sunday, March 4, 2007

I have recently discovered altered altoid tins...I saw one a long time ago and deemed it too hard for this humble girl. On "Fiber art Traders" ( a yahoo group) they had a call for a trade, so being me, of course I signed up for two! The perfectionist that I am went a little crazy on how to make the edges perfect and they still ARE not!

But really, I am ok! haha.....This one is called Pins

and Porcupine quills...I got the quills from a friend named Cheri who calls herself Scari..Why, I dont know...these quills called to me for over a month........The inside is a burlap pin cushion holding ivory pins...this just reminded me of something my great grandma would have had....She had numerous little treasures lying all around the house! The tin on the top that is supposed to be towards the bottom, (told you I would make mistakes) is called "Things of Green" I filled it with green ribbons, buttons,pushpins, allkinds of green stuff! Hope the recipients of this swap really enjoy their tins!

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