Sunday, March 18, 2007

My camera cord went bad!

I am so darn mad! I have to try to find one on the internet that will work with my camera. I have made all kinds of new stuff and taken all kinds of pic's, but I cant get them off the camera.

I figured until I find a cord I may show some other things that I have made.

My youngest daughter just left to go home to Oregon with my two little grandchildren! they are so cute and they are growing like weeds!The house seems pretty empty and quiet without them. In fact, after this post, I am going to take a long quiet nap and forget about my camera thing for a while!
The little girl in the picture is my grandaughter, Olivia. She is tiny but tall and getting taller. Her dad is 6'4. She loves to clean house with me and be the "big girl". She helps with her baby brother a lot too!

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