Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I finished the crazy quilt block!

I am not going to post a picture of it, because I am going to wait until it's all done.....What a project! I am giving myself eight more weeks to finish it....that way I only have to do a block a week...I don't know how hand sewers do this! It is so much work. One thing about me, I really don't enjoy sitting and piecing ...I like the quilting because it means it is almost done! Confessions of an instant gratification queen! I admit it! So that was one completed and for my project of the day, I did a scrapbook quilt....They are so fun and easy! You make a little wall size quilt and embellish with photos and mats and fun stuff.....People love them....I make them instead of birthday cards....this one is of my little angel girl granddaughter. Her name is Olivia....She no longer has the baby look and I was missing it so I made one to hang in my art room...I tell you one thing, it was so hard raising three kids by myself at a young age, but being a grandma at a young age ROCKS!..You don't have the responsibilities, you get to play with art supplies, make mud pies, have tea parties and play barbies! Nothing beats that!

The next thing on my list is to make a small quilt for a little boy..At fiber art traders there was a call for nicu quilts...I signed up for two...I already made a little girl one so now time for the boy....I like making little quilts because they are so fast......Here is a picture of the fabrics I am going to use.....

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Helen in the UK said...

Your scrapbook quilt is lovely. Those fabrics will make a super boys quilt - look forward to seeing it finished :)