Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Under the stars........

This quilt went together so fast I am kind of surprised....I just quilted the heck out of it because I used stuffing not batting and it was pretty lumpy but I really like the end result...the flowers and the girl really have a 3d look which I like. The silver blanket is a piece of leftover something that I thought was really cool....A blanket of stars! I might actually enter this piece in the county fair....the quilt guild are the judges and it would be interesting to see their comments...If you enter a quilt, one of the coolest things is you get a written critique. My grandma entered the first quilt I ever made and gave to her in the county fair and I still have the critique from it....and the ribbon! It won second place, much to my shock and her delight. It wasn't based on technical skills, it was just so darn cute! I used some embroideries of the "three little pigs" that she had made in the 50's and used 40's retro fabrics in primary colors and pink to build a quilt around them....It is such a good memory for me as my grandma passed in October. I have pictures of her and I holding up the quilt and she was moved to tears by it...She kept saying how beautiful it was...Sweetness! I sure miss her!

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