Tuesday, June 12, 2007


There are new flowers popping up in my garden almost daily so I took a couple pictures. Someone who lived here before me planted a lot of perennials and it has been fun seeing what pops up....One kind of plant was in one spot of the front yard and it looked like lettuce....I wasn't sure what it was, but left it...Then more little lettuces popped up all around and then the big pods came out...They reminded me of "the little shop of Horrors" plant.....(feed me, Seymour!) It turns out that it is some kind of Oriental poppy and it is purple...i haven't been able to find it in any of the garden books.....I was calling it the mystery plant. Now it is the mystery poppy......I am posting a picture of the flower and the foliage and then a red rhododendron....If you have seen a poppy like this with lettuce looking leaves, just for my own curiosity, Leave a comment!

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primdollie said...

well haven't seen one but it sure is pretty dear!!! aren't flowers great!!! I just love them all!!! now to keep a reign on those blasted weeds!!!! hugs LInda