Monday, June 4, 2007

I like making art quilts!

I started another one for the fun of it using stuff from a fabric and embellishment swap. I was trying to really challenge myself by making something from Autumn colors....then it turned into a tree with green, so I had to add a bird and a nest and then flowers and lo and comes the green and pink and purple again! I do really like it so far and have had fun with it. I have some big chunky antique looking gold beads that I am going to hang from the bottom and I am going to hang it from a cool piece of driftwood I found the other day at the beach. It is about 13"x 15" I would guess. I have all kinds of things on it so far, including paints and ink. I wanted to hurry and finish it tonight, but I made myself step back and take my time.

I also made a couple of atc's tonight. The mother Goose one I love! I have the book that it shows in the background. It was my grandmas and I CHERISH it! It is signed by her mom and she got it for Christmas when she was seven. I am a huge fairy tale fan. I just love them, still! Of course I love books anyway! I made mother goose for the "mothers" lottery on "Fabric atc's one to one...." I thought of Mother goose right away...I wonder how the whole goose thing came about?mmmmm. The other atc is hand drawn and painted with a roller ball marker, a pencil and watercolors and acrylic....I am really enjoying the painting thing. I cant seem to use one thing to do it though. I have to play and mix. When I was a kid, I always wanted a chemistry set...My cousin, who had everything would never let me play with his. All that mixing stuff. I like that! This atc is called, "what do you see?" ....It is a child, I am not sure if it is a boy or a girl but I am thinking boy. I also did a blind contour drawing of me standing in the mirror. This is a scary thing let me tell you! Blind contours are where you don't look at the picture while you draw! Mine is like a Picasso gone bad or on crack! I actually like it in a funny way but I am not going to scare anyone by posting it! haha.....Well, guess I better go fold laundry and get ready for bed...night all!

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purplepaint said...

Love these! I'm really into birds lately so I really love this one! I need to get some sewing done... Your work is awesome! Marva