Friday, June 1, 2007

Meet Betty and two painted atc's.....

I finally finished all 38 of Mr. Jonny Mystery boy! Man, am I sick of his mug, arted up or on to Miss Betty 'Class of 1938......(her biography:)

Betty was a quiet girl and well liked by everyone. She excelled in Home EC and made all her own clothes. She was voted "Most color coordinated Senior of 1938."

After high school she married a local boy a few years older and settled down to raise a nice Catholic family. Her husband Bob, was always proud of his wife's domestic skills. "She could make any house a home." he was fond of saying. He ran the local hardware store and she had babies. Soon they had seven children and decided twin beds were the best form of birth control and allowed by the Catholic Church.

Sadly, Bob had an accident at work and Betty became widowed...Feeling brave, she decided to open a small decorating business with her insurance money. It was a huge success. With her eye for color and her bold ideas, she became much sought after in her own town and the city too.

Betty still lives in Gardner surrounded by friends, family and her sewing machine...Look her up some time if you are there, she loves the company.

the other two photos are painted atc's that I did tonight just for something to do....I needed to get out of 1938 and Gardner for a while..not that it isn't a nice place to be. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!

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