Thursday, June 28, 2007

Green things and geese

I have had a couple of days off and I actually have been a bit on the lazy side! I have gone outside and leisurely plucked a few weeds, read a book, threw the ball a few times for the get the idea. Oh yeah and the naps! Why can a nap cure everything?....If not cure, make me feel better about it...I realized today that I have several projects due and I better get busy! i have red, white and blue postcards to make and my granddaughters quilt to finish...I have a few blocks put together but that is about it! the postcards I haven't even started! And then there were the fabric charms, oh yeah, more charms.......I finished them tonight and I decided I don't want to make any more. Been there, done that about 80 times. They are pretty though and nice and green. I tried to really go for different textures of fabrics. Like velvet and felt and organza. So they go in the mail tomorrow to my partners at "Fiber art Traders" and then I am done with charms! WOOHOO! A couple of days ago on "Fabric atc's one to one" we were talking about birds and I told the story of my crazed goose. My daughter bought two baby geese for pets and they loved her...You would hear their little feet following her everywhere. Well, one of them was brain damaged and had seizures, so I had a neighbor put the poor thing down. Well, the other goose, Named Petunia saw Lisa (my daughter ) out there and decided to hate her with a passion. This goose would stalk her all day long, running from window to window seeing where she was. All you would see was a white neck and a beady eye. I would have to distract him so she could go out the door safely...It actually was hysterical until he claimed part of the yard as his and then no ONE could go back there including me to feed or fill his swimming pool....He loved me like crazy till I touched the gate and all hell broke loose....I spent most of my time warding him off with a push broom. Anyway, we found him a good home where he was no longer the top goose and he is leading a happy life. My daughter was scarred for life of course, because she loved the stupid thing! haha! (This is sarcasm talking)....So anyway, I told this story and all of a sudden people want goose cards which cracked me up! So now I am making four of them for four different people in exchange for their versions. The fun part is I got to use my big playing cards I got at the Estate Sale where I got the hand! How fun is junk anyway? I just love it!!!! So up above all this writing is a picture of the charms and two of the goose cards....Want to trade for a goose? Let me know! Melinda


Debby Harriettha said...

More beautiful art my friend. You always amaze me with your talent!
I see you are also a great story teller. Love reading your posts.


Heather Robinson said...

Oh, Melinda, I just had the best laugh with your goose story. Your artwork depicting the whole sordid tale is fantastic. I'd love to trade for a goose!!