Thursday, July 17, 2008

fried clams and pink charms.....

What a funny title huh? One of the great things about the island is you can go out and get your own seafood... on our getaway this last weekend, I was talking about this to the kids other set of grandparents and they were amazed since they are from the Midwest. We went and dug clams again yesterday and I thought I would show a picture....These are butter clams which are very don't have to pound the heck out of them like razors and they taste a lot the same. I cook them in the shell, you just cut the stomach out and then dip them in egg and then panko and fry them fast in hot oil....yummmmm. Obviously, these are not good for your little arteries, but occasionally they are ok...So here they are, clams in the shell!

I also started to work on my charms for the pink charm swap...I am making twelve all together...ten will go to other charm swappers and two will go to bracelets that are part of the pink auction with proceeds to go to breast cancer base is scrabble tiles, and I didn't realize how small they are until I started....these aren't finished, but I thought I would just show a little peek..I think they are kinda cute.....and pink...


karin@creativechaos said...

yum,yum,yum....I love clams. I can only imagine how good those are that fresh!! Thanks for stopping by your charms...vety cute!

Rainma said...

Thanks for your support in the PIF, you are way more talented and creative than I am, but I promise your handmade gift will be special.
I am listing your blog on mine with a link, please do the same for me.
As far as the grandparenting thing, we are grand parents that are extremely blessed (well, most of the time, haha).
Email me to and we will chat!

Ranny Jean
Aberdeen, WA

Elizabeth Golden said...

The charms are darling. Love the images. I live near the water too, and love your clam fixin's. i have enjoyed perusing your blog this morning. I especially like your fabric dress postcards - atc's with the dresses. I am a new sewer and felter. Your stuff is inspiring.

Pearl said...

~more swooning over PINK charms~


~scrunching up my nose 'n making faces at the clams~ ... ICK! You are one brave lady!! I sooo dislike clams in any shape or fashion! LOL

I am having fun catching up on your posts!!


ScaryCheri said...

love the pink charms but you can keep the clams, lol. Awesome chARMS, LOVE THE BEADS. hUGZ

3rdEyeMuse said...

I never know if I'm going to like clams from one try to another, but those look worth a taste test! lol

and the charms ... seriously way better than "kinda cute". :)