Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blackbird chair and more fabric journal art

I have been busy around here the last week! Most of it was not art or sewing related either...I have been painting the living room and it is pretty big...Everyone teases me the way I do it., but for me it works...because of the kids, I use a brush and do a section at a time and that way there isn't so much mess either. It looks really nice..the paint in the container looks just like a chocolate milkshake. I saw Andrew eyeing it and had to tell him it's paint and I put a Mr. yuk sticker on it. Last weekend was so hot and beautiful here. After the winter I am not complaining. On Sunday, we took the boat out on Honeymoon Bay and went out to Baby Island. As the name says, it is a little guy out in the middle of the sound. As we got closer, we saw harbor seals on this gorgeous white sand beach. We don't have that kind of sand here so I was puzzled by it. The kids were thrilled by the seals, especially the big daddy in the middle of his harem...I yelled out "AR AR AR" (my version of a seal call) and they all got in the water so we decided to explore their little beach. The seals were so cute, they were afraid of us, but they wanted to keep an eye on their spot so they formed a circle about 200 yards from the boat and you could see their little seal eyes watching us. We didn't stay for but a few minutes cause I felt guilty..They are so darn pathetic out there! The beach is is made up of a zillion pieces of white shells from the seals eating there over time...I could've sat right down for a couple of hours and just looked at it up close. (except for those eyes and of course the seal stench, though there was no poop) They are actually making the island bigger. How cool is that? There also is one tree on this tiny little thing and in it was a bald eagle....We all admired him too. We stopped on the way back at a little cove and got out and played in the crystal clear water...Liv and I found a hermit crabs and we found some baby dungeness crabs too. I tried to get Andrew to let me put one in his hand but he wasn't buying it...Anyway, it was a great day and of course, I forgot the darn camera! On Saturday, the kids and I went to a garage sale and I got this little wooden chair for ten cents....I couldn't wait to do something with it but it took me till Monday to get to it. Olivia and I first painted it a bright blue with some red...It was really putrid in my opinion, so I went over it with gesso....several times and then it evolved into this blackbird chair...The blackbird piece is actually a mini quilt...I drew him and painted him with neocolor two's and then stitched him up and then I sprayed him with a water bottle...the back is this really cool bamboo wood paper...there is some on the front under the button too. The crocheted flower was made by Sherry and it came with my summer swap pkge....I didn't adhere it cause I put a pin back on it and wear it on my jean jacket when it is not on this little chair...Wish I could find a few more of these chairs, this was really fun to do!


Sherry said...

Your chair is so cute! I love how creative you are!

I bet the kids had a blast seeing the seals, it sounds like a great time!!

I will have the little girls in the mail hopefully tomorrow.


Fannie said...

Very detailed and beautiful.

amy said...

Wow! This chair is so cool! I could see a whole set of them to sit in at the dinner table too. Of course that would take forever to make but still...:)

Talking Horses Arts said...

Hi just now found your blog. Love the chair, awesome!!!!