Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dear Santa......

Oldest daughter, Stacie and I took the three kids to see Santa Claus at Greenbank Farms here on the island. Andrew got closer to Santa, but still "no touching allowed" least this time I didn't have to block the exit to get him up there! Daniel was pretty good natured about playing along, even though he knew "Santa" from the school bus barn. ( this was all whispered in my ear). Andrew wants a big airplane or a toy race car and he has been a good boy, Olivia wants a "Littlest Pet shop " toy and her mom to get better and Daniel wants a Megatron transformer...Santa are you listening? We believe in miracles here...dont let us down......Oh yeah, it is snowing here now too...The kids are all hoping that it will snow all night so they can play on the hill tomorrow!

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