Thursday, September 18, 2008

Atc's and a tag....

Here are a couple of atc's I made for a trade....One is needle felted fibers and then the kitty face is free motioned on fabric paper... the tag is from leftover trim at the fabric store. I thought it looked kind of cool and snagged it. I have some more pieces that I am going to try to maneuver into something. Sherry for her blog had another topic of conversation..."How do you know you are getting older?" In my case, it probably will be more appropriate to ask " how can I not knowI am getting older."? The grandkids running around here darn near as big as I am are indicator number one. I also notice it takes more make up to get that fresh, "no make up look."...If I sleep on the ground, I cant walk the next day and I say all the things that my mom and dad used to say and I swore I never would. These are just a few things in a long list but in my heart, I am still a young girl, so I guess that is what really matters...Sound familiar?


Barb said...

Hi Melinda,
Happy Friday, and thanks much for visiting my blog AND for the sweet comments you left.
Your "I Love Comments!" picture on your blog is adorable. It's sad more folks don't take the time to leave a comment.
Your latest creations are so pretty, luv the bright colors and all your decorative stitching.
xox from Texas

Pearl said...

Hi Melinda... ohhhh how well I can relate to the "how can I know I'm not getting older" stuff! UGH!!

Thanks so much for your sweet words 'n prayers... sure has meant alot to me! I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things... Sure do hope all is going as well as can be with you! I'm off to read more and try to catch up... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Sherry said...

I say way to many things now that my mom used to say. It drives me crazy!!