Friday, October 3, 2008

happy October!

I have not been doing much of anything this last week as I got the flu bug from Hell......I am finally starting to feel semi normal, thank gosh.......I have tried, in my better moments to go and make a few things and I cant even seem to stick with one thing, so I think I just need to continue to lie on the couch and think about making things.....I did get this lovely award from Fannie at "Imagine, Create".... She has been doing some beautiful art quilts . Everything I see becomes my "new favorite" of hers. Right before I got sick, I free motioned this little witch atc on orange velvet so I thought I would share her...

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Sherry said...

Everything I see of yours becomes my "New Favorite"!! I love the dog!! I hope you feel better soon! It sucks not feeling good! I finally get to go to the Dr. tomorrow. I have never been so excited to see the Dr., but this sinus infection is killing me. Hope you feel better, get some rest!