Monday, July 16, 2007

Running on Empty!!!!

Stacie is still in the hospital! Hard to believe, even for me and I am here! She has seen little eighty year old ladies have open heart surgery and come and go in four days so she is getting discouraged...Me too, actually. It is starting to get harder to juggle everything and I look back at raising three kids by myself, running a home and working full time and I don't know how I did it. Today, my patience was very short with Daniel. He got it in his head that mama was coming home today and I think he was acting out instead of saying he was upset. I took him to a friends house and we ate lunch and he played with her grandaughter...kinda....she is a year older and more mature and I could tell she was tolerating him more than anything....I rowed them in a rowboat clear across the lake and I know my arms are going to be killing me tomorrow...good exercise though...Then we swam and he was just obnoxious out there, but boys will be boys and part of it is I am tired. I realized on the way home that I work all day tomorrow and I didn't even think of a babysitter.......luckily, I have a friend who is going to take him to see Stacie and watch him....I just am not used to having a child 24/7.....He even sleeps with me...(and the dog and the cat in a double bed.) I know he has been thru a lot too and needs the extra nurturing. I did make him go to bed early and alone tonight though so I could wind down. After I am done here I am going to go fold laundry, make him a lunch and load the dishwasher...then bed!!!!!!!

Daniel wanted to make his mom something so we got some lavender we picked last week and dried and embroidered on muslin, then he sewed and filled a sachet for her all by himself. I have a singer that I am going to get out of the closet for him and let him have it....He wants to make a pirate quilt to replace the train quilt that is gone now...(so sad) the pictures of him are sewing and showing off what he made. I also took a picture of the most OUTRAGEOUS and WONDERFUL pillow book I have ever seen!!!!!! I am making one of the pillows and you see part of the top with is done by felting silks and fibers and angelina into cotton duck and then it gets even more beautiful...I am making it as a sample for work...It is so cool at work because you can use what you need and do it at work...the sample stays for three months and then you can have it...I forsee magnificent pillows in my future! I will post it when I finish. I also painted my daughter a card and posted a picture...It is my wishes for her...Thank you all for your support, thoughts, wishes and prayers....It has meant a lot to the three of us!!!!!!


Helen in the UK said...

Congrats to Daniel on making the lavendar sachet for his mom.

HUGE CONGRATS to you for managing to do everything you are doing for everyone else. Hope your daughter is better soon :)

Heather Robinson said...

Thinking of you and sending you a hug for everything you are doing for your daughter and grandson. Be kind to yourself. Love the painting very much.