Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Postcards and good news!

First for the good news....My daughter is home and doing better!!!!!YAY and a huge sigh of relief....Thank you to everyone for being so supportive...She has got cards from people she doesn't even know which she has been so surprised and pleased by..This whole thing has been a HUGE ordeal for her and our family..She was in the hospital soooo long that yesterday when I went to get her and we started down the hall, all the Dr's. and Nurses and aides and general hospital people came out and clapped and cheered for her and told her, "don't come back! ".......(meaning, take care of yourself and get well Stacie..) I have been on cloud nine....Now to establish some kind of normal routine again. Things just were crazy! She is thrilled to death to be out of room twenty too....We have giggled and watched bad TV and I have been trying to entice her to eat with any kind of food that sounds good...I spent some time today showing her all the art I get from trades and she is amazed....I put her in the guest room and she had me hang postcards all over so she could look at them while she gets well...That and she is all tucked under some comfy quilts, of course......I got her some herbal mint, ginger and fennel tea that a herbalist recommended for nausea, and she says it is helping. Some of the medication makes her sick but she has to take it anyway.....There is a really cool chinese herbalist in the Seattle area. He looks at you, your tongue and takes your pulse then mixes up all these mysterious looking barks and fungus looking things and then you drink a bowl of it for ten days straight. I have done it the last couple of springs and it really does help...The problem is getting the stuff down.

I made a couple of postcards for swaps on Arts in The Mail.......The first is Mae West for a "Hollywood Icons" Swap and the second is a kimono for an Asian themed swap...They didn't photograph very well, but I thought I would share anyway.....I also have been working on my " one block wonder quilt"...Wasn't sure I would like it but I think it may turn out to be really beautiful.......I cant really post a photo until it is done because it doesn't make sense until then...I am steadily working on it though...So many things to do!!!!!!!!

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