Saturday, April 21, 2007

why sometimes I take on too much!

Because I am crazy that's why! I just love to sign up but sometimes what I sign up for is just darn right overwhelming....I signed up for a yearbook book swap...It is from 1938 and it isn't in book form, it is a collection of 3x 5 pictures in a frame mat board...almost like a cabinet card. There are 38 classmates and I signed up to do two people, a girl and a boy. What I didn't realize, is I would be altering 38 of them and they have to be originals, plus I have to alter a mat board to put behind them! and make a biography for them! HOLY COW! I started on the boy who is labeled "mystery boy and I altered his picture.....I am going to do a whole lot of painting as you can see...then I am going to tie in the biography with papers and a few embellishments on the mat board. I have been trying to use what I have ..( a new years resolution) but this is a tough one. I have been sitting in my art room painting as I watch or listen to tv. Thankfully they are not due until June.

I also have taken part in a boudoir 4x6 swap and spring flowers atc's trying to work on my ginormous quilt....One thing that is good, Is I work fast. I am sitting on a altered book right now too with another coming. I just read in the paper that there is an altered book club here on the island. Imagine my shock!!! haha....I may have to check it out, I am becoming a hermit...Enjoy the pictures! Melinda


Judy said...

Great stuff Melinda...I might have to do the flower ATC..I will have to check it out and see if I have time..You are so talented !! With both of us in would be fun to meet someday !!

Melinda Cornish said...


Helen in the UK said...

Wow - that yearbook challange is huge! Good thing you work fast of I doubt you'd ever get done. Love your Boudoir card :)