Friday, April 6, 2007

Something beginning with D' postcards...

I had a pretty quiet day. Getting ready for Easter with two of my grand kids. They will be here tomorrow so I have been busy decorating and coloring eggs...Also made up a batch of sugar cookie dough so Olivia and I can make cookie eggs. I actually bought paint to start on my bedroom and then decided to wait until after Easter. Now I am glad I did, it would've been crazy!

I spent a little time in my sewing room today and dug thru a bag of fabric and older lady friend gave me...It has some really cool heavy duty canvas in it and quite a lot.. I played with my neocolor watercolors on the canvas and had fun just making shapes...I think I am going thru a rugged phase... I have used burlap quite a bit lately too. I did make four postcards for my "Arts in the Mail" group...These are for something beginning with D.........dandelions though I did them at the wish stage...Every child loves these and making wishes. I wonder who declared they are a weed anyway? Although tomorrow I plan on weeding and they will be pulled out too...I saw a similar design in one of the art magazines and thought it would make a cool post card and it did...The caption is my own though.....Here is to childhood and wishes!

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Evie said...

My goodness, you have been busy - so many new things you've made and all so lovely!!