Friday, April 27, 2007

Boudoir and doll faces...

The last few days have been kind of busy. I have been trying to get the front flower bed all pretty and it is quite the job...I finally went and got some weed and grass killer. Pulling it all by hand has been too slow. The good news is whoever lived here before me filled the garden with perennials and bulbs and it is going to be really pretty!

In between the gardening, I have been playing with the felting, making some atc's for personal trades and trying to get a few deadlines met. I finished the second boudoir card for the challenge on Fabric atc's one to wasn't my favorite challenge as it really was supposed to use paper...I kinda said the heck with it on this second card and just layered a bunch of fabric with a picture and I like it a lot.

The doll faces are from Susan Burgess aka Sanna...We are having that doll swap using the Katie Kendricks pattern and she got inspired and painted faces then traded them with a few people. I was lucky enough to get a surprise in the mail! Here are my faces...I wont use them for the trade so I think it is fine to show them...I am making Sanna a black and white doll as a thank you using her "mostly " black and white face.....this is the front minus the arms....I ran out of fiberfill to stuff it with...when I was a kid I would stuff things with toilet paper but I didn't think that would be cool! haha...Anyway, I am posting a picture of the unfinished doll and her amazing faces. Happy gardening everyone, think spring is finally here!

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primdollie said...

awesome my dear!!!! and oh lordie the gardening!!! yes know all about GET THE WEED KILLER NOW!!!!!! but hubby decided to do it soooooooo hey who am I to stop progress and save my knees all at the same time!!! love the doll and all your fun new stuff of course!!!! Hugs Linda