Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thinking about newspaper and a dye disaster.

First of all, it has been a few days since I blogged. I had a little depression setback. Now I warn you this is going to sound really stupid. Ok, I admit it....really stupid. We all have known or heard about the crazy cat ladies. We all know I am crazy. Now in my neighborhood I am that "crazy chicken lady". For real, I kid you not. "why?" you may ask yourself. I know I would be asking. Well, because first of all I fell in love with one of my chickens. Chip, the little white rooster that I was going to keep even though we are not supposed to have things that crow here. The other three hens? No bonding at all. I watch them and sometimes laugh but no love shared either way. They are chickens after all. About a week ago I went out to check on the chickens (meaning Chip who always ran to me and wanted to be picked up). No Chip....I noticed a hole under the fence. The neighbors next door have two neglected dogs that bark nonstop. I climb to the top of the fence, hysteria building. I see something white in the corner of their dog poop filled yard. Ok hysteria has hit a peak. I beat on their door and ask to see the back yard. The woman (pig) says some nasty remark about f'ing chickens. I scream out" he wasn't a chicken, he was my pet!" and take his lifeless body from the poop filled yard. Then I think about things like 22 shotguns. The sad thing is, it's not the stupid dogs fault. They have no interaction, no toys, no nothing. I had a funeral with Stacie and the kids and cried my eyes out and then took to my bed. I love the drama of that phrase...It's very Southern, "taking to your bed." But I was so sad and felt like I lost a little friend and now everyone knows my secret. I am the Crazy Chicken Lady of the neighborhood. You can laugh if you want too. I picture myself hysterical now and it is kinda funny. I am sure in a few years it will be really funny. Just not yet. Right now it merits a secret giggle. So that is why I haven't posted. Although I have been busy around the house. I am making over a room. The inspiration is Zen. As in peaceful, calming, relaxation. Which obviously I could use. I have been taking pictures but I am not done yet. The curtains are holding me up. The issue is money. Everything in the room is being done dirt cheap or even free. That is my challenge. So I have four curtain panels that will be perfect. Except they are hot pink and Daniel wants to claim the room as his for the nights he is here so he doesn't have to hear the fishwife screams coming from a tween girl who doesn't want him in the "girl room." ......"EVER." So I get some dye....Great idea huh? At first I decide to use some navy blue that I actually found unopened at a garage sale. Then I think about it and decide to do dark Chocolate Brown. So I read the instructions and decide to use the washer with the very hot water and let it agitate for thirty minutes. Guess what? it is still pink, yes it is. So I add the whole bottle of the navy blue add boiling water and let it agitate for forty minutes. The result? Still pink. The lesson? Microfiber has polyester in it and it doesn't take dye. Ok, that was a big waste of dye and time. I pull them from the washer and notice that the back of the panels have changed color...The color brings back memories. The color is PUCE! I have always read a whole lot and when I was in sixth grade I read something that talked about the color of "puce" and it became my favorite color. Because it was weird and strange and no one believed that puce exsisted. Never mind it was ugly, a cross between a sickly purple and muddy brown, I was standing by it. Mo mom said it even sounded gross. Did you know of such a color? Well that is the color of the back of these panels and not I am not using the puce side either. I am thinking of melding and sewing newspaper to the hot pink fronts and making newspaper curtains. Here is some newspaper fabric that are curtains. It could work, I think. I made a newspaper dress before and it worked. So we will see, otherwise I just may have to "give puce a chance." xoxoxooxox the crazy chicken lady P.S Susan from Shabby and Frills is hosting a Patriotic Bunting Swap. You know those cute flaggy, pennant things....They are so simple to make and it is a simple swap to participate in. Please click on the link on my sidebar and come play with us...You know You want to cause WE WANT YOU!


roc said...

aww..melinda...i am so saddened about the news of your rooster's death. i don't think you are crazy at all. my grandparents were chicken farmers i just know how you can love them. i'm glad you are feeling better after "taking to your bed". i love that phrase, too. i hope you are well on your way to being happy once again. can't wait to see if the puce wins out!

Jen xo said...

im really sorry to hear of chips death...he was your pet (((
why don't try you bleaching out your curtains...you could do all sorts of patterns too...and then let the kids with sharpies...that would be fun....I saw a chair on pinterest that was sharpied over...looked fabulous...otherwise I love the newsprint....having no money forces you to be creative and resourceful and that's a good thing :)

Laurie said...

I feel awful about your little Chip, how sad. As a crazy chicken lady myself, I feel the pain. I'm really curious about your newspaper curtains, be sure to post!!

Jenny said...

I'm sorry about Chip!

Maybe you should dye the other chickens just to cheer everybody up!


Lime green?

I love the idea of newspaper curtains!

You are always so clever.

Hugs and peace!

Quiltingranny said...

I am so sorry Melinda. We used to have a neighbor who had a rooster and that thing just terrified the kids as it would jump the fence and chase them around, but I never thought about turning my dog on it or harming it...the neighbor on the other hand...eh!
Love the newspaper curtain idea, keep us all posted!
Having a traveling stash giveaway on my blog: http://quiltingranny.blogspot.com/2013/05/your-chance-to-win-traveling-stash-box.html
Praying for you my friend!