Friday, August 3, 2012

Finished the Suki' bag and doll clothes.

I still have been sewing every day but I have little half projects everywhere. I actually have about five things done but since my last post was so long, I am just going to share a couple.....Miss Suki cat got turned into a big roomy tote bag with pockets and super long, strong handles...or you can knot them and use it as a shopping bag. The miiddle panel has batik fish. I thought it was fun to give a Siamese some fish as a background.

and here is the finished product

I am going to post this as a sample in my Etsy shop which is veeeerrrrrryyyyy sloooow. Sewing cats is a lot different than dogs. They have less of a muzzle so you have to define it or it is flat. I am doing five cats so I have samples at the cat show for people to see and touch.

Then I finished a Blythe outfit for Liv's Ruth Ann. I don't use patterns because other than her big head she is little so it is going to be fast right? HaH! I have these big Ideas including a petticoat and hat and getting them from my head to the doll took me about two days off and on. I gotta say, it is pretty adorable. This would make a sweet little girls outfit and I know I could probably make it faster. my fingers are uncoordinated so it makes it hard when I do little things. Fiddly little things.

The proper way to do these little clothes is to put snaps on the back cause nothing is going to pull over that big head. I didnt have any, so I sewed on jewelry silver jump rings and then strung black cord all thru, crisscrossed the front and did a kind of corset thing. It actually turned out really pretty in the back.

I also discovered Meet ups on the net. They are activities, some are free and most of it isnt a dating forum... a couple of nights ago I went to the park and took a free bellydance/healing yoga class. It was so fun. I am going again on Saturday. There a ton of them out there. I wish I wouldve known when I had a car. The car thing is hitting me hard. To be my age and carless to me is really embarassing and shameful. Between that and being used as a mental punching bag by my roommate/landlord it is almost unbearable. So I sew. and play cityville and maybe bellydance. I try to keep quiet and take the abuse cause i have no choice. I dont know how to use the bus here so that is my next goal. One step at a time or I will lose it again and I am doing better. I just wish my situation was better....
happy summer all....xoxoxmelinda


Maria said...

The bag looks great and I don't know how you can make such gorgeous fidley clothes. Well done.
Pleased you have found somewhere to go and do fun things.
I wish you could find somewhere elese to live Melinda but I think you are being wise to just keep out of the way and busy.

Miss 376 said...

The bag has turned out really well, hope the cat show goes well for you

Laurie said...

I love that doll Melinda, your clothes are adorable!! And the cat bag turned out so precious.
I wish you lived here, you could come live with us. And have chickens. I pray your situation improves soon, you deserve so much better.
Bless you.

Jenxo said...

great cat bag melinda and i love your little blythe dress.....blythe clothes are huge sellers , have you thought about and etsy store for them? sorry to hear about your situation but im so glad you manage to find fun things to do :)

Yarni Gras! said...

oh my gosh that bag is lovely! I can't imagine it not selling in your shop. I hope you have lots of success with your sales. I love your little doll cute! I hope things begin to look up even more for you, am keeping you in my prayers.