Monday, June 2, 2008

A sandbox and a summer package

It has been a long week. We are once again battling coughs and fevers and rainy, icky days. Where or where art thou summer? I am about ready to burn an offering to the sun gods....hehee.. Andrew and I were going to go to walmart on Saturday to get him a "little tykes" turtle sandbox and we were on our way when I saw a big garage sale and we stopped and there one was...for four bucks! Woo-hoo....He thinks it is pretty darn cool. I put it on the deck right by the slider so he can play and I can see him. He has only dumped a bucket of sand over Coopers head once! The little troll....I also fixed up my package for Sherry who is my summer swap partner and will get it in the mail today...I used all recycle stuff...I think it looks ok...I am not the best gift wrapper out there. I also have been making tags, which I like doing. They are quick, easy and pink...How do you beat that combo? I was double tagged by Marva and Fanny to list six unimportant things about here goes.

1. I tried out for Jeopardy and was one of three who made it...I chickened out about going on the show though..

2. I memorized trivial pursuit cards to study for the try outs...I have a good memory

3.I hate wearing shoes, though I don't mind flip flops.

4.In my adult life, I have never lived anywhere for more than three years. I don't redecorate, I move...I think I have nomadic blood and I actually like to move into a new house.

5. In keeping with the nomadic theme, if I was rich, I would travel to obscure places all over the world and never settle down anywhere. (it's my dream, the kids can go with me right?) I would mingle with the real "people".

6. when I was a kid, I either wanted to be a missionary in Morocco or a scientist like Marie Curie..

Now I am supposed to tag six people...I like being tagged but I don't like the tagging part.....So I tag everyone on my "blogs I visit " list on the sidebar...Go see em', see what they write or if they write at all!


quiltcrazygal said...

I really love your homemade tag! It is so pretty! Looks like you have great help in the garden! Thanks for making me feel so welcome in the blogging world:) Your work is so inspirational! Cheers, Jenna Louise

Fannie said...

Hi, Melinda! Thanks for playing. I enjoyed learning about you--thanks! A fun post! Great tags and photos.

Pearl said...

Hi Sweetness... I was so happy to see a message from you! Thanks for visiting and for the dear message...

I am loving the sandbox and garden pics! Way cute... I know they keep you on your toes! Very interesting things to learn about you!! Made me smile... Please take care...


Helen in the UK said...

Maybe Cooper has learnt not to his head in the sandbox after the first time!!
I can't imagine moving every 3 years - I lived in the same village all my childhood and have lived in this house all my married life (18 years). Can't see us moving any time soon either!!
When you go on your world tour, pencil in a stop over here :)