Friday, June 20, 2008

First Day of Summer!

Olivia has been asking and asking when summer is...I told her it is officially summer today and she wanted to know if we could go to the lake and swim tomorrow...Sure, in 60 degree weather. I will just sit and watch. We are all anxious for the sun and hot days. Today was nice though, just not nice enough to swim. I found the cutest elephant cookie jar at a garage sale and had a great moment of deja vous! My grandma had him when I was a kid and she always kept treats in him for my sister and I. He is in perfect condition and I got him for three dollars...Liv and I made cookies and filled his little tummy right up. I am also showing a picture of an atc that my friend Helen sent me to cheer me up...I love it! She knows all about my love of all things pink, so of course it is pink....and it cheered me up and was a nice surprise! Thank you Helen. Last of all , today I pieced a baby quilt top for another internet friend who has a new grand daughter on the way. I love this fabric...It is called cats on the loose and it is by Nancy Woolf....I love the bright colors! Saundra picked the pattern, it is a free pattern called "Baby Bright Quilt" and it is on the Robert Kauffman website. I am going to quilt it and bind it tomorrow.


Helen in the UK said...

Glad to see the ATC arrived safely!! I hoped something VERY pink would put a smile on your face :)

ScaryCheri said...

Melinda, what a cute elephant jar. How lucky to find it at such a great price too. Helen's card is so cute. love that little dress. and the quilt is simply gorgeous and bright. Love it. It's so good to be home. I sure missed getting to check out your art. Hugz, Scary

Fannie said...

Only three dollars? What a deal!