Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My dad is visiting!!!

We spent quality time together today weeding the front garden bed I keep going on and on about...even after spraying, it still has been a real chore...It was fun sitting out there and having someone do it with me though...The perennials are really starting to grow so it is easier to see if I am pulling out weeds or flowers. I decided I officially hate dandelions and no longer think of them as "wishes" ..

Last night I worked on a couple of cabinet cards...The birthday one went out in the mail today for a friend...I love the woman's crabby face. It makes me laugh..Maybe she ate too much cake! The wacky wedding one I did a while back and I thought I lost it...I found it in a bin of scrapbook paper. I like this one and am going to keep it. The atc is for a trade and she asked for something about a bird or a bird, so I drew a feather and eggs on white fabric, free motioned the details and then water colored it in...the colors are off in the picture...the eggs are speckled with brown.

My hands are all blistered tonight so I will probably be painting more yearbook pictures! I have just had the best day...I love when my family visits........

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Angelcat said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day. All your pieces are great but I love the wacky wedding!