Sunday, May 20, 2007

Charms and grandmas

Finished one of my charm swaps today! I love the little pillow ones and the burnt organza flowers. I am going to make a bracelet for Olivia, my granddaughter, she will just love it.
One of our favorite things to do is to go to garage sales and look for jewelry. I gave her a big jewelry box and her goal is to fill it up with beautiful things. I remember when I was little one of my grandmas had a dresser drawer just filled with costume jewelry. One of my biggest thrills was being able to open that drawer and admire all her treasures. I still have a few pieces and I hold them in my hand and I am five or six again, wanting to play dress up...She was very feminine and loved perfumes and powder and the whole bit. I was so blessed (and I say this all the time) to have WONDERFUL grandmothers who taught me how to be one...It is the time we spend and our own little traditions that I hope get passed on. When I lost my last grandma, this last October it was really hard. She was a kick in the pants and we had so much fun together even in her last few years. Last Easter she told me that I was the storyteller of the family now and to pass our stories on..It is a big legacy and a big job since we all our such a bunch of characters going way back! I am the oldest female now at 45 and it is lonely here sometimes. I don't want to let our family traditions fall by the wayside and my dad isn't able to do it on his own. Isn't it funny how talking about jewelry brings all this up? I have so much of them in me that it is amazing and it takes so little to feel them around me. Like I said, I have been blessed.

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primdollie said...

these are great!! love them too!!hugs Linda