Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy October, one of my favorite months!

It is cooling way down now and I am enjoying it. Especially since it is still sunny. I apologize for not blogging too much. I just was sick for so long that I didn't  have the energy to do it. Pneumonia is a kicker I will say that. I would start to get better then relapse. Or wake up feeling good and two hours later, I couldn't get up the stairs. Over two months is a long time to be sick.

 Stacie (daughter ) Took us to the rubber duck races on Sunday. We each had five and you think you might have a chance until you see how many there really are. They drew for fifty really big prizes.

I had to short leash Cooper because those rubber duckies were very tempting.

They had a lot of activities for kids and families. Daniel and Olivia made pumpkins. Someone donated a ton of them and all of the things needed to decorate.

Daniel can be hard to get out. He is so into computers. He told me what a fun time he had. That made me happy because I don't get out much.

Here are the kids, dogs and I with a giant rubber duckie.

I started to decorate for Halloween today. I have a few things to make yet and then put out. I am going to decorate the porch up nice. It will mostly be fall, that way I can keep things out until December.
Right in my entryway though I decorated for Halloween. That inspired me to make a new zombie doll. I kept with the Alice in Wonderland theme and made the white Rabbit. Except he is now the Zombie Rabid.

Getting ready to bake his polymer clay parts.

His body all ready for a head, hands and feet and we can't forget his pocket watch.

He is a scary rabbit for sure. Nothing Wascally about this Wabbit.

I also made a wreath.

The pom poms with the spiders and the Halloween box were made by a swap friend, Chris.

Here is the entryway all orange and purpled up!

I like it a lot and I know the kids will too. Which is why I do it.

My son brought me corn stalks and I put a chair and this wooden crate filled with things out right by the door.
I had bought one of these crates a long time ago and when I looked at it I knew I could make them. This is one of them that I made.

I want to paint the door a lime green. We will see if I get to it or not.
Happy October! xoxoxomelinda


Laurie said...

I always love to look at your creations Melinda, you have such an eye! I'm very happy things are finally going well for you, it's so deserved.

Maria said...

Hope you feeling sew much better now. You need some of our sunshine.....
Such a fun day out with the kids and dogs. Where did you rubber duckies get? LOL.
You always make such great zombie stuff. Love your Halloween Door Wreath.

Yarni Gras! said...

oh I love your zombie display...and the arrangement by the front door is super sweet. A rubber duckie race?! what a blast!

Needled Mom said...

You are so creative. I am glad you weren't completely knocked out by the pneumonia.

Jo said...

Wonderful creations!!! your fall decor is fab!!!

Kerry said...

I LOVE that
rubber duckie race idea ..... so awesome. Melinda, your home is looking gorgeous .... love the rabbit you made. I'm going to try polymer clay next.
Glad you're feeling better - hopefully as the weather cools, it'll also help.
Big hugs XXX