Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 I have been doing little bits of things here and there. I get frustrated because I can't just whip things out like I used to. I will decide to do a home project or a quilt and it takes me forever. At this rate, I will get very few things done so I guess I just have to accept it.
 I did with help manage to decorate the front yard for Halloween.

I tried to decorate so that when Halloween is over, I just remove a few things and fall decor is in place.Like this wreath on the front door.

I changed out my purple rocking chairs for some really comfortable off white chairs that I got at a garage sale for  for both. You can tell they are expensive chairs when you sit on them. They are so comfy.

Olivia and I are going to make little lanterns out of glittered jars with glow sticks in them. I am not used to really getting Trick or Treater's but I guess it is really big in this neighborhood!

On the night of the Zombie Ball that the kids went to, we all decided to play zombie. I did all the makeup and hair. It took a long time and boy, did I make a mess. The pictures are out of focus but still funny!

I love how my daughter put her face up. It cracks me up....

Here is Liv and her friend Tori...

They really had fun and I guess there were a lot of games for 
 and under. They came home loaded up with all kinds of stuff.

I am also slowly working on the laundry room. It had this hideous wallpaper which is now gone. It was a job.

The room already looks better before a paint job.

Last of all, on a beautiful fall day my son took me fishing. It was so pretty out and quiet and we talked a lot. Plus I caught two Steelhead. Can't beat that!

He and I went thru a pretty rough patch, so it was great to have the day together and I know he felt the same way......Happy Fall! Melinda


Maria said...

Hi Melinda,
Your front yard does look great all done up for Halloween. Nice that someone helped you get it done.
All looked good for the Zombie Ball.
Hmm what horrid wall paper. look forward to seeing your new look laundry.
What a lovely way to spend time with your son, fishing and chatting.. nice catch too.
Have a Happy Halloween

Jen xo said...

oh I know what you about not getting things done so quickly.....your decorating looks wonderful and the your ldy will look heaps better once the wall paper is gone..:)

Jenny said...

Hey girl!

Remember the fable about the hare and the turtle!

I think you're doing awesome.

Look at all these lovelies!

Kerry said...

Love your front yard ..... it's looking awesome.
2 very impressive fish you caught there ..... glad you had such a great afternoon.
Take Care

jillytacy said...

You've been busy. The zombie makeup is great. I'm so glad you have time with your family.