Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday......

I found this on Rhondi's blog and decided I wanted to be a part of this. You can see a whole list of Thankful people taking part and go do some visiting . I think being grateful for what we have, even the little things makes us all better people...Today I am thankful for God loving and caring for me no matter what. I love knowing he is there for me through good times and bad. I am also thankful that Spring is almost here and I am thankful for the peace I have been given in these rough times...What are you thankful for?


Deb said...

Hi Melinda
Thank you for your visit today & your nice comment. Wonderful Thankful Thursday post. What a great sidebar photo of you and your best friend Cooper! Labs are the best aren't they :-)

BECKY said...

Hi Melinda! This is my first time doing Thankful's nice to meet you. You've shared from your heart, and that is a blessing to me.

I notice that we have something in common...a blond dog named Cooper!! Ours is a bearded collie. I took his pic off my blog, but now I feel guilty after seeing your Cooper on yours!! When I put it back, I'll comment and let you know so you can see him. He is something else!

Isn't it just wonderful to have a furry family member that you love so much??

Have a lovely day!!

Lisa West said...

Thanks for the link. I love to see more and more verses and faith in blogs as I visit and find new friends. Lisa