Sunday, October 14, 2007

I love the fall!

It is starting to feel like fall here now and I just love it. The air has this wonderful smell and I have gotten over the fact that my flowers are all dying. We took the kids to the pumpkin patch today and it was so beautiful out! We went to a place called the "M Bar Ranch"...they had an old fashioned ghost town all set up with a jail and saloon and stuff...It is in a really awesome location. I have a friend that volunteers there in the summer at a camp for the mentally disabled kids. She helps them with the horseback riding. They do the pumpkin patch thing to help raise money for the camps which is a great cause. I took pictures that I will post later. In June, before I even had any kids here, I planted one pumpkin plant in my front garden, just for the heck of it. Now I have exactly three pumpkins....Cracks me up. One for each of the kids. They are still growing and I am going to leave them on the vine until right before Halloween then the kids can go pluck them. I had everyone cracking up at work the other day and I thought I would share a quick little true story with you....Our house is right on the Puget sound and behind the house there are woods and on the side is a holly orchard and a vineyard.....A little bit of three different worlds is how I look at it. Needless to say we are surrounded by all kinds of nature, and with nature comes nature noise.....The sea lions are in the bay because there are anchovies in schools out there and Sea lions love them....We also have Great horned owls in the woods and right now the grapes are ripe to bursting and putting out this delicious grapey smell that draws birds from all around. The farmer put up netting but they still get to the grapes. His next brilliant plan has been to play a looped tape over a loudspeaker of jungle noises and birds in distress...Now, I sleep with my window open at night and the other night this is what I heard........"ooh ooh ooh...(imagine a monkey) shriek shriekkkkkkkkkk, ARR, ARR, ARR(sea lions) (Cooper now is barking like a fool) hoo, hoo,hoo.......(Andrew is now awake and shrieking) at this point I opened the window and screamed "SHUT The @##$%$%###% up!" Did it help? no,,, but it made me feel better...It really is a jungle out there I guess...I am hoping for a quiet night tonight since there is no full moon, we will see.....Liv asked me the next morning what all the noise was...I told her all the nice animals were having a party...she asked me why if they are so nice was I screaming at answer for that one I guess. Now on to things made......I made a couple more ATC"S for my ATC group....I also made a table runner for the store as a sample and I really like it. It is kind of a small one so I bought fabric for me and I am going to make four of them and use them for long place mats over these suede leaf place mats that I have. I think after cutting the fabric, it probably only took me forty minutes to make...The fabric is soooo pretty, I have been admiring it since it came in. I might makes some pillow covers for the living room too. I always have big plans, I guess.....I also have been working on completing a couple of big quilts that I will post when they are through. And a picture of the jacket......Now, keep in mind that this was for an embellished fashion show of clothing so it fit right in......It has six different fabrics in it and assorted beads and trims....Pretty wild. Too much stuff for me, but I had fun making it.This is on a dressmakers dummy at work.......Back to the jungle for now I guess!


amy said...

Nice table runner. And isn't it fun that you can do that for work?
The beading must have taken forever. I wouldn't have patience for it. :)

Helen in the UK said...

I loved your story ... I could picture it all in my mind sending you to screaming pitch!! Love your new creations. The jacket looks great and wearable art seems to be increasingly popular. Great ATCs as usual :)